4 Tasty Ways to Enjoy London’s Very Special Craft Beer

There has been an incredible growth in London’s brewing industry in the last 15 years, from only a couple of breweries in 1999 to over 50 today. Most of these new businesses are small and independent, and produce innovative style, high quality beer, a process that’s been given the term ‘craft’. Inspired by the craft-brewing industry that burst in the early 90s in the USA, these enterprises are staying away from the mass production market to be available directly to the beer aficionados. Here are tips to sip these most delicious drinks around London’s brew scene.

1. Join the Craft Beer Club of Craft Metropolis

Craft Metropolis is an innovative idea of bringing London’s tastiest craft beers to your doorstep. The beers can be chosen by you or they can choose them for you. You just have to join their Craft Beer Club, place an order and relax! The beer will reach you. Thus instead of trudging down to the offy and getting only the usual boring drinks for sale, you can get London’s finest craft beers without doing the tough task of scouring the streets. This assortment will contain some drinks which you have already tried and tested and some others that are new and exciting and will please your taste buds.

craft metropolis craft beer club

2. Go on a Tasting Tour

Taking a brewery tour is another way to explore the brew scene of London. These include a walk through the breweries with a comprehensive narration of the process and a chance to sample the beverages fresh from the tanks. You can contact various breweries for their tours.

3. Bermondsey Mile

Exploring Bermondsey Mile is a great way to visit a number of breweries in just one mile. The breweries here are open on Saturdays and unlike other breweries which are only for show and actual brewing happening elsewhere, the breweries at Bermondsey Mile has their brewing taking place on site. The tour usually starts from the excellent Maltby Street/Ropewalk Market where there are some of London’s best food merchants.

4. East London’s Brewpubs Galore

East London is another hotspot for craft beer. Here you will find a number of breweries and brewpubs. Relish tasty snacks like wood-fired pizzas along with the beer enjoying the stunning views of the canal.

Thus, along with the beautiful sights in London, don’t miss a chance to enjoy the very special craft beers in London, either through tours or ordering them through Craft Metropolis, and create some unforgettable memories of the British capital.