Top 4 Tips to Store Wine so as to Enjoy it to the Fullest

Whenever you buy wine or your friends gift some to you which you don’t want to drink immediately, what do you do?

First of all, keep in mind that only a few of the fine wines available in the market are good to keep for long-term aging. Most others are best to enjoy within a few years of launch. If you are planning to buy wines to mature, you should seriously consider buying a professional-grade storage.

In all other cases, however, a few easy guidelines can make you keep your wines good till you take them out to drink.

1. Let it be Cool

The most dangerous enemy of wine is heat. Wine ages more quickly that desirable at temperatures more than 70°F. And if the heat is even higher, wine may be cooked, causing flat flavor and aroma. The ideal range of temperature for wine is from 45°F to 65°F (and 55°F is considered to be close to perfect), although this is not a hard and fast rule. Don’t worry if your storage gets warmer by a few degrees, provided that you open the bottles within only a few years from their release.

2. Should Not be Even Too Cool

Using your household fridge for storing wine is fine only for up to a month or two, but not for a longer term. The temperature in an average fridge drops well below 45°F to store perishable foods safely and the cork may dry out due to lack of humidity, which might let air enter into the bottles and harm the wine. Also it’s not desirable to keep wine at a temperature at which it could freeze. If the liquid turns into solid (ice) it could enlarge enough to push the cork out.

3. So, Where to Store My Wine?

If you don’t have a cool and not-so-humid basement which can serve as a cellar, you can update with some plain racks in a secure place. Exclude your laundry room, kitchen or boiler room where wines will be affected due to elevated temperatures and also avoid locations where light from windows falls directly. An ideal solution is to buy the best built in wine cooler and follow the above guidelines. An additional tip is to keep the wine fridge in a cool location so that it won’t need to work hard and your energy bills will not rise high.

4. Turn Lights Off

Light and particularly sunlight can cause problem to long-term storage of wines as the sun’s UV rays can prematurely age and degrade wine. This is why wine comes in colored glass bottles to protect wine as sunglasses protect eyes.

Consider these points and choose the right wine storage so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.