Top Reasons Why You Should Have Organic Tea and Coffee

ATEAZ Organic Coffee & Teas 3Tea and coffee are all-time favorites of most people in the world. While more and more studies today are recommending organic foods, tea and coffee too are not exception. Some people may not think that it is very important to choose organic tea or coffee. For them, here are some top reasons why they and all other tea- and coffee-drinkers should start drinking the organic versions of their favorite beverages.

Organic – Better for Health

This is the most important reason for choosing organic tea or coffee that it is better for your health. Although it is true that some fertilizers and pesticides are removed during processing of tea, several of these chemicals are dissolved in water. This means that they enter the leaf structure and are extracted when the leaves are steeped.

A major 2012 study by Greenpaeace noticed that often Chinese teas have unhealthy levels of pesticides in them. Another study showed that drinking tea contaminated by pesticides actually does bad than good and can reduce lifespan, instead of increasing it.

ATEAZ Organic Coffee & Teas

Organic – Better for Farmers

As a drinker of tea and coffee we think only of ourselves. But what about those who work in the tea gardens? These include workers who spray pesticides and administer fertilizers, mix them in large buckets or apply them on the leaves with hands. You know that during all these processes, gloves and masks are not very commonly used. It is a shame that these harmful chemicals are declared harmless and farmers are permitted to handle them freely without any protective gear like gloves or masks. Farmers are first to receive the harmful effects of these chemicals.

Today’s most active supporters of organic tea and coffee farming are those who have suffered the harmful effects of tea farming using chemicals who include farmers whose near relatives like parents and siblings died of pesticide poisoning or cancer, and also those who have themselves fallen prey to the dangerous effects of chemicals.


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Organic – Good for Small Farms and Farmers

There are many large tea and coffee farms or orchards in the world, and there are smaller ones too. The conventional farming includes the usage of all types of chemicals that keep Nature away from the crops. On the contrary, organic farming does just the opposite. While working in harmony with the Nature, organic farms tend to grow tea or coffee not as a monoculture. Organic fields grow grasses and weeds too as ground cover or may use permaculture to let Nature balance herself rather than shove away one problem only to invite another more serious one.

Smaller ventures in China and Taiwan, and several other coffee- and tea-producing regions are primarily family-based operations. They normally have more ethical worker treatment. So, the money you spend on the tea and coffee produced organically by such family operations goes directly to those farmers and workers who are basically poor and need help.


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Organic – Good for Environment

It’s obvious! Chemicals used in conventional farming of tea and coffee are proven to be highly devastating for the environment. Moreover, as teas are grown on heights, the pesticides and fertilizers used in their production not only devastate the local ecosystem, but come down from the mountains and damage the soil, air, forests, farms and rivers located miles away from them.


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Most of these pesticides contain heavy metals which enter not only the conventionally produced finished tea leaves, but also the soil, water and crops far away from them. The microscopic, small-sized and big living organisms which are essential for those soils and water are killed with these chemicals and the entire environment is severely damaged.

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