Varieties of Coffee Beans

Coffee is very popular beverage differently consumed in different societies and cultures. Throughout the development of human society, it has served as a political and social lubricant.There is extremely long list of coffee drinks and varieties on the menus of different coffee houses, from an Americano, cappuccino and  black coffee to au lait or cafe macchiato. However, only two main species of the coffee plant have been consumed – Arabica and Robusta. In recent years, there are also some flavored coffees or the ones with some additional ingredients, such as Organo Gold Healthy Coffee – 100% Arabica mixed with the reishi mushroom.
Coffee beans are seeds of a coffee plant. Although they are the pits inside the fruit (purple or red), usually referred to as cherries. Coffee “cherries or berries” are called coffee beans because they resemble true beans. Arabica is the first coffee, considered to be superior in flavor and more traditional. Robusta is bitterer and more acidic due to higher caffeine content. Arabica is more preferable for consuming, but Robusta can be cultivated in more areas. Both coffee beans types have sub-varieties. Even though Robusta is considered to be a cheaper substitute for Arabica, there is a very expensive gourmet variety of this coffee and it is the Indonesian Kopi Luwak. These coffee beans are outstanding and unique because of their distinctive flavor as a result of the Common Palm Civet’s (an animal) digestive processes. Mocha and Java are varieties of Arabica coffee, and they are not even near as bizzare as Kopi Luwak. Usually, the varieties are based on origin and not on science, so geographic location is considered to greatly affect the bean taste and nutritional value. Comfortable coffee shops have unique and relaxed atmosphere and next time you enter one of them, be free to experiment and taste something unusual in order to feel differences and maybe to find out the best coffee bean variety for yourself.