What makes a unique tea brand?

A unique tea brand is one that is brought into being on an ardent pledge to authenticity and quality in tea; it is even a component of a viewpoint that crosses the limit of trade in considering trade as a part of service to humanity.

Tea is believed to be a gift of Nature to mankind. It is a brew that can heal, protect and refresh those who drink it. It is unlimited also in terms of its diversity, changing subtlety with the inborn chemistry of sunshine, soil, temperature, rain and wind. That striking diversity in teas is a challenge equivalent to a scrumptiously indulgent reward even as nature offers us teas to go well with all moods and craving, demanding proficiency in understanding as well as picking the most perfect. That proficiency can only arise from passionate dedication to tea.

While Ceylon Tea remains the best on a global scale, many brands who claim to be ethical and of quality are not in vertical integration with tea companies with their own tea estates or sophisticated printing as well as packaging facilities. If by chance your tea, in between the tea gardens and your teacup has to be passed on to different parties for different stages of manufacturing and packing, chances are, your tea is not as unique as it claims to be.

On the contrary to the finest tea of Ceylon, being picked, packaged and shipped right from the origin, a few large companies are doing exactly the opposite, obsessed by a ruthless desire to maximize profits and recover their investment from their family-owned tea companies. To cut costs hence, meant to cut quality.

Traditional tea, produced with the ‘orthodox’ techniques is a manufacturing process that begins with picking leaves by hand and goes on through fermenting, oxidation as well as firing – uses a procedure honed for centuries. It creates teas that are diverse and upgraded. Another option is CTC, which is a comparatively newer technique of manufacturing and is meant to provide a quick cup but the process costs every special thing in tea.

Single Origin Tea – unblended tea – is significant since among the most likable features in tea is its ambiance – the feel of terrain. It offers every valley, every region and every country its exclusiveness in its tea. The option of lower cost, however, is to purchase tea wherever we can get it at low costs and mix them together to create a ‘multi-origin composition’. This may be fine for coffee, though definitely not for tea.

Ethical tea in its true sense is unique, and marked by genuine innovation and a passion for quality.