Why Should You Enjoy Your Beer in a Pewter Tankard?

If you are a beer fan, you know the value of a glass of beer after a hectic day! You sit at a table in your favorite watering hole and order a beer. When the waitress brings it to you, your eyes take the pleasure in the dewdrops accumulating on the outer walls of the mug and trickling down; finally you lift the glass and the chilled refreshing drink slowly starts running over your tongue and down your gullet, cooling you! Ah! What an amazing experience! However, have you ever thought of the container in which you relish the beverage? If it doesn’t matter to you whether you are drinking your beer in a glass or tankard, henceforth, it should!

A Little History

After the most ancient beer vessels were made from clay, time came of wooden and horn vessels. However wooden vessels had a drawback that they stole the aroma and flavor of the drink. Even bacteria used to flourish fast in the crevices and cracks of the wooden vessels, thereby altering the drink’s flavor and giving a rotten smell to it.

It was the 14th and 15th centuries that pewter started replacing the wooden tankards. However, pewter of those times had lead in it, resulting in lead poisoning. Most of today’s pewter tankards are lead-free; but it’s recommended to read the product description.

Once pewter became affordable even to the poorest, it totally replaced the wooden beer vessels. After that, glass too became a primary material for beer vessels.

lidded tankard by Crafted Cup Company

Do You Know that Shape of Your Beer Vessel Matter?

Do you know the term ‘head’ with regard to beer? If you don’t know, it’s the foamy upper part formed when the drink is poured in the tankard or glass. Head plays an important role of a lid and traps the volatiles in the beer.

‘Volatiles’ is also another term with which commoners are unfamiliar. Hops, specialized grains and other substances in the beer give out volatiles which vanish as they come in contact with the air and make the aroma. I don’t have to tell you the importance of aroma of whatever we consume. So, it’s the volatiles that give the typical aroma to beer which we enjoy and the head prevents it from getting evaporated.

The moral of the story is that the shape of your beer vessel is important in maintaining the head and so, its design should be chosen so keenly. Therefore, a pewter tankard is an excellent choice to enjoy your beer to the fullest.

A pewter tankard is thick-walled and its mouth is smaller than its base; thus it holds a large volume of the drink, while maintaining its aroma by preventing the volatiles from getting evaporated through the thick head formed at the small mouth. Pewter tankards are also easy to toast in a stylish way without worrying about breakage!

Handcrafted Pewter Tankards by Crafted Cup Company

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Enjoy the experience of seeping beer stylishly in one of the extremely beautiful pewter tankards and mugs by Crafted Cup Company and add a charm to your life!

stout tankard by Crafted Cup Company