A Variety of Ways to Enjoy Bagels

A good thing about bagel is that they are very versatile and at the same time extremely delicious. You can eat them anytime of the day. Here are various ways to eat bagels at breakfast, lunch, supper, brunch, dinner and so on.

At Breakfast

With Eggs

You can make your breakfast healthy by making it full of protein by adding eggs to it. Also try pairing them with avocado, feta or salsa, tomato, cheddar and spinach. Or you can take another direction by adding egg, bacon and cheese to your bagel.

With Avocado

You might have heard of avocado toast. Now you can try avocado bagels to give the trend a new twist. If you are a vegan, you don’t have to wonder are bagels vegan – these bagels are vegan!

With Goat Cheese and Pear

This is an elegant combo with sweet and crunchy pear, and tangy goat cheese, that can make your favorite bagel even better.

By being a little creative, you can even make many more combinations like beet and feta, blueberries and Greek yogurt, banana and peanut butter and so on.


With Deli Meat

Your meal will be made super easy and super tasty – you just have to stack your favorite meat with condiments and enjoy!

Pizza Bagel

Pizza is yummy in a triangle, but it’s possibly even better in a circle with a whole at the center! Enjoy it plain with cheese and sauce or add your favorite topping.

With Hummus

This is another tastier alternative – add hummus and fresh veggies to your bagel, to feel good about what you are eating and have fun!


With Meatballs

Typically, round foods are tasty and when they are eaten in pair, they are better than single. Learn to make your own meatballs by adding various spices to minced meat, cooking it and making into balls and add them to your bagels. You can even use vegetarian meatballs if you don’t eat meat.

With Cheese and Macaroni

Adding macaroni to your bagel may not be the healthiest combo, but your taste buds will get enough satisfaction with this carb+carb combination. Simply stack your favorite cheese and macaroni on a bagel and enjoy!

You can even enjoy bagel as a dessert by adding things like nutella, cookie dough cream, berries and cream and so on.

So, when you have bagels at hand, you don’t have to worry about your meals! Make any combo and enjoy your bagel.