Best Pancake Recipes for 2016

Everybody loves pancakes. Don’t get me started on my pancake obsession. We all love preparing them because they are so easy to make, even in their most complicated form. Needless to say,kids, the pickiest audience at least for me, adore them. Pancakes are a good choice for cooking beginners who really need their first dish to be a success. To make it easy for them MyGreatRecipes has a collection of easy 3 minutes from scratch American pancake recipes in one place.

If my kitchen was a beauty pageant, these babes would be the winners. If you want the best of the best, don’t change the channel. Here is a list of the most wanted: the most liked pancake recipes on MyGreatRecipes.com

The Best Recipe for Pancakes

The most liked recipe on the site is the Healthy and Flourless Pumpkin Pancakes. Simple, easy to make and healthy. What more could you possibly ask for a delicious breakfast? They have that Fall taste in them because of the pumpkin and the spices that pair so well with pumpkin: ginger, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice. The flour substitute used is actually blended oats.

best pancake recipes

First Runner up Recipe

Homemade Pancake Mix. To make the best 100% homemade pancakes you will need this mix. Forget buying pancake mixes sold in the shops. This pre-made mix will help you have control of what ingredients there really are inside your pancakes.

homemade pancake mix

Second Runner up Pancake

Pepper Jack Potato Pancakes. These are like exotic beauties arriving in your small province town. That is how much they stand out The base is made of shredded red boiled potatoes (not mashed) mixed with shredded pepper jack cheese. Crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside. Yumm!

pepper jack potato pancakes

Miss Personality

“Ultra fluffy and bursting with flavor”. This is exactly what made me award this title to the Key Lime Pie Pancakes. Bringing you the good old key lime pie flavor, they are better than a cup of coffee for getting up in the morning, as the author points out. So fresh and new!

key lime pie pancakes
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Miss charm

Nutella Stuffed Red Velvet Pancakes. These are my favorite and if I was the only judge sitting they would win for sure. Maybe it’s because of the Nutella (I am dying for Nutella right now!). Maybe it is because they are red, red, red and great looking. Or maybe because they are velvety…Anyway, these pancakes have it all. I am done talking about them. You must see them. And taste them.

nutella stuffed red velvet pancakes

Miss casual

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancakes. They are cousins of the winner pancake. Also based on pumpkin. Follow the simple tips to get casual, light and fluffy pancakes.

pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes

Well, this pageant is finished. Hope you liked the contestants. Try them and pick your personal winner.