BBQ – Basics of the Tradition of Outdoor Cooking and Enjoying it with Family

BBQ can mean numerous things depending upon which place you belong to. There are a number of techniques, styles and recipes, and stark differentiations exist between these across the United States. Barbecue has been around since man learned to control fire. And despite the differentiations, BBQ, barbeque or barbecue is the favorite of every American. So, whether you are making it on your own or ordering it at a restaurant, learning some basics about BBQ is interesting. Here are a few.

BBQ Sauce

BBQ uses a range of meats and cooking methods and to accompany them countless sauces are prepared. Most of these include a few basic ingredients like tomato, mustard, vinegar, sweeteners (typically molasses or brown sugar) and sometimes even mayonnaise. Other ingredients may include liquid smoke, meat drippings, whiskey, Worcestershire, spices, peppers and herbs.

However, if you buy sauces available in shops, you may be aware of the fact that they are packed with sodium, sugar and preservatives that not only spoil the taste of the sauce but are also unhealthy.

Here there is a great solution! It’s Zoe’s Anything Sauce by LNL Foods that is without any preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, any GMO ingredient and sodium, and therefore extremely tasty and healthy. Of course, you don’t need to use it only with BBQ. As its name suggests, it goes with literally anything. So, this is a really handy solution and you and your guests will enjoy this sauce and the dish which you’ll eat with it.


While sauce is an important part of BBQ, the main thing without which BBQ cannot happen is meat. Pork ribs are the most common meat used for BBQ; however beef ribs are also not uncommon. Beef ribs are fattier and meatier, but are not as tender as pork ribs, and are most commonly found in Texas BBQ. In the rest of the country, pork ribs are the real meaning of BBQ for many.

You get “slabs” of ribs, anywhere between 11 and 14 ribs. They are either back ribs, commonly known as “loin back” ribs or spare ribs (side ribs). While spare ribs are more voluminous, back ribs are more tender and hence cook faster.

Plus, there are grills, charcoal method, the cooking process and so much more in BBQ. But one thing is definite that BBQ offers unmatched joy to families with its tradition of outdoor cooking and enjoying the meal together. So, enjoy it with your family using the right ingredients and methods.