Finding Kobe Beef


It’s quite simple to find a supposed Gourmet Beef – that is, only if you compare it to the beefs that are made here in the US. In other countries, such as Japan there are special beefs that come from cows that are raised on special farms. If you have ever heard of the special place in Japan that is called Kobe then you may know how sacred of a place it is for the Wagyu cows. This is a very special type of cow that is raised in a way that produces very expensive and very gourmet beef and steak.

There is a limited amount of 200 of these farms in an area in Japan. Simply finding a restaurant in any other country that says to be serving Kobe meat is a joke in itself. This is a meat that is extremely expensive – for a 24 oz of this gourmet beef it can range up to $200. I can assure you that if it isn’t expensive as a meal that is being served to you, it probably isn’t the authentic type of meat that it is. There are so different ways that the Wagyu are raised in comparison to other cows and that is what contributes to the unique taste.

How are the Wagyu raised for the Taste?

There is a very special way of raising these cattle and the farmers spend all day tending to their needs so that they come out with the best taste. This taste is so supreme that the highest rating of meat in the US doesn’t even measure up to the Kobe steak and beef. The Kobe taste actually measures two whole grades above the highest rating that is given in the US. This is due to all of the preparation that goes into the tender taste and unique texture.

The taste is so unique because the texture is marble like and there are streaks of fat that contribute to the authentic taste. It’s very gourmet and there are ways that the farmers raise the cattle to get this unique taste. The cattle are actually grown up with their mother and are weaned after they’ve had enough time with her. They are hand fed very special grains and they are even given beer on occasion when the weather is hot to contribute to the “fat” taste.

These cows are not allowed to graze because it’s too dangerous and it could harm their physical health. Grazing isn’t even a common thing for cows in general due to the limited amount of space that they have to graze.

The False Advertising in America

Unfortunately, there are a lot of stores and restaurants that claim to sell this gourmet beef when in actuality it’s illegal to ship over to the US from Japan. There was a “hand and foot” disease which was being prevented and which could have came from Japan. Ever since the recognition of this disease anyone who wants to purchase the meat from Japan cannot. Therefore, it remains in Japan and if somehow the meat or the cows are shipped to the Americas they are ordered to be returned immediately.

If you’ve ever been to Japan and had the opportunity to try the meat then you cannot pass it up! It has a flavor and a texture like none other which is why it’s so expensive. The farmers who have the Wagyu cows will never auction them off or sell them because they would rather get the money from the meat that they sell from the many restaurants in Japan that want to serve it as a delicacy.

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