How to Find the Best Breakfast Near Me When Travelling?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is especially true when traveling. Visiting a place for the first time means lots of walking and running around landmarks, or being on the beach the whole day. In both cases, having a large, tasty dish of omelet, French toast, waffles, or pancakes t is crucial for strength and energy.

Why Should I Know a Good Breakfast Near Me?

Sure, most hotels serve breakfast but when I am on a holiday, I don’t feel like getting up at dawn (7-8 o’clock seems like the dawn to me). I like to sleep and eat at my own pace. The hotel breakfast is usually finished when I decide to start the day. That is why finding a good breakfast near me is of crucial importance.

On the other hand, when we stay at studios with a kitchen, I also don’t feel like cooking. Again, it is the holiday, people! Who goes on holiday to flip pancakes? Not me.

The breakfast near me should be close enough to prevent me from falling in the street from hunger. It should also serve great food, in large portions, and at affordable prices. And once I find a breakfast place near me that fulfills all these conditions, I become their most devoted customer for the following 10-14 days!

You might say I am asking for too much and that this is impossible. And maybe I would have agreed if we had this (imaginary) conversation some time ago.


Looking for the Best Breakfast Near Me – Past Experiences


In the past, I always ended up in tourist trap food restaurants. Restaurants serving breakfast nearby main tourist attractions or those located on the main streets are filled with tourists. They usually serve crappy food at very high prices because they don’t have to bother attracting new customers.

You know that feeling when you are very hungry and looking forward to your breakfast, but you end up with a rubbery, tasteless something on your plate? Not very pleasant.


Tips to Find the Best Breakfast Nearby


As in so many things in life, experience has proven to be the best teacher.

In order to find the best breakfast near me, I go to the always polite hotel reception employee and obtain valuable info. You can also ask the locals for help. Enter the first shop and ask the shop assistant, or stop a random person on the street and ask: “What is the best restaurant that serves breakfast nearby?”

Alternatively, if you are more of an introvert person, turn to the Internet. Type “The best breakfast near me” on Google and do some research. Check out lists, blogs, articles, city guides, anything that pops up. I’ve learned that one of the best ways to find great breakfast near me is to look at crowdsourced websites and apps like Foursquare and foodplacenearme.com.

This last one is a real gem. I tried it when I was in San Diego a few months ago. All I did was open the ‘Breakfast Near Me’ section, then selected San Diego on the map and voila – it recommended the “Breakfast Republic”, an amazing place that serves huge portions of classic, fulfilling breakfast items like pancakes, waffles, and eggs benedict.

The search was finished in minutes and so were the portions!