Top Tips for Choosing Just the Right Beef Jerky for You

Do you find it difficult to choose the right beef jerky for you? It’s quite natural, because there are so many types on the market, not to mention the ‘gourmet’ jerky which has become widespread over the last few years. You may be daunted in your convenience store when you will see a bag of Chili Lime Garlic Cabernet Pork jerky and another bag of Korean BBQ Turkey Jerky. So, how a lover of smoked jerky choose among such a vast jerky maze? No worries; follow these easy tips and you will get just what you want.

Pay Attention to Size

Remember that all beef jerky bags are not created equal. Some manufacturers copy the size of a 3.25oz jerky bag but add only 2.85oz of beef to it. So, check the weight before buying.


You may not be keen about a particular style of jerky, but there are various types of styles of jerky and some customers have specific preferences. E.g. some prefer drier, tougher jerky, while some others want soft, juicier and tender jerky. There may be 4 rough categories of textures and you can choose among them.

Old-fashioned: This is a very hard and dry type of jerky as some people prefer it like that as they like to chew on it for some time.

Traditional: This is the style that is used most widely. It’s neither too tough nor too soft.

Soft and Tender: This jerky is not as dry as the traditional one and is easily chewable. The softness varies from product to product according to the factor they use to make it tender, whether it is a different cut, or slicing process or drying method (so as to retain more moisture) or a combination of any of these.

Meat Sticks: This is actually a different kind of meat, but some customers count them as jerky.


Though many people are not after a particular texture of jerky, they may be very keen about the flavor. Here are 4 main flavors in beef jerky.

Basic: This is the basic meat flavor that some people prefer.

Sweet: Many people like a sweet flavor with their meat. The sweetness can be added with honey and other goodies. Sometimes a sweet and savory flavor is created by adding pepper.

Savory: Savory flavor is another popular flavor in beef jerky created with ginger, garlic and other dry herbs and spices.

Hot: This flavor is created using very hot peppers.

Based on these categories, you can choose the jerky which is just right for you. Choose one and enjoy!