CC CopyCat Recipes – Make Restaurant-like Food with the Hygiene and Love of Home

I love restaurant food! And I know though your elders might be frowning at it, you love them too. Is it really tastier than our home food? Well, it depends on how expert the housewife is at cooking 🙂 but I also believe that restaurant food can be copied and done exactly at home too. So, if you want to do that, there is an extremely easy way – download the wonderful, new CC CopyCat Recipe Collection – an Android app that features more than 650 copycat recipes; and it’s totally FREE!

CC CopyCat Recipe Collection

Callow and Company have compiled the recipes that are the most authentic, most of them from the original chefs, Olive Garden, A & W, P.F. Chang, Applebee’s and many more. Even you can see one of them in the image in this article. And they are over 650! So, you can make 2-3 new dishes every day, for the entire year!

The dishes in the CC CopyCat Recipe Collection app are neatly arranged alphabetically, with the names of restaurants/companies and dishes, so that you can easily find whatever you want.

CC CopyCat Recipe Collection

The app is extremely easy to download.

Since I have downloaded the CC CopyCat Recipe Collection, I and my family is extremely happy, because we are relishing new dishes every day. And they are so good; there are dozens of cheesecakes and other cakes, ice creams, cookies, and numerous other desserts, along with lip-smacking savory dishes, breads, meat and fish, chicken and eggs, and much, much more. Plus, there are fruit salads, vegetable salads, fruit punches, juices, soups, beers and various other drinks.

In short, CC CopyCat Recipe Collection has something for everyone, whether you are a meat-lover or a vegetarian or a vegan, a beer enthusiast, or are on a diet, you will get something tasty and healthy for you here. Whether you want to attract your children towards food or have a fussy partner, you can easily achieve what you want with this app in your hand.

Download CC CopyCat Recipe Collection and relish and let your family and friends relish restaurant-like food, with the hygiene and love of home!

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