Get a Feast of Locally Produced and Cooked Foods

Have you lately realized that locally produced fresh foods taste far better than frozen and canned foods? Have you ever thought of why this is so? It’s because the less time spent from farm to your table, the less nutrients and goodness is lost from the food. And therefore the food bears its optimum flavor. Based on this very idea, Cook.Social has come up with a venture that provides people fresh, locally produced food cooked by local chefs to offer you the tastiest food.

Why are Locally Produced Foods the Best?

As mentioned earlier the fresher the food, the more nutrients and flavors it holds and so, it tastes much better than frozen or canned food which has already lost its flavors while traveling from a distance towards you.

Another specialty of local produce is its genetic diversity. Since modern agricultural system chooses plants that can be grown and ripen uniformly, stand harvesting and survive packing to last for a longer time on the shelf, genetic diversity is almost nil in this large-scale production. On the other hand, often a variety of species are grown in small local farms which feature a range of colors and the best flavors. Even livestock diversity is greater in many smaller farms than a few larger ones.

Cook Social type of cooking

While buying locally produced and cooked foods you have a guarantee of safety because the local farms and chefs are not anonymous and take responsibility of their food’s safety.

Because of locally produced and cooked foods, relationships develop between you and the farmers and cooks. This is an important point in today’s era of mobile phones and the internet where people are losing each other’s direct contact.

Cook Social cooks and foodies connected

Why Cook Social?

When you order from Cook Social you get all the above benefits of buying locally produced and cooked fresh, flavorful foods. The company is aimed at providing you the best, safe, affordable and reliable food. Cooks are inspected and certified on an annual basis. It is made sure if the safety rules are followed strictly regardless of place or country. Cook Social is also strict on avoiding allergic foods.

Cook Social mission

You can order fresh and tasty foods from Cook Social and even you can cook for others. You can decide the price of your dish on your own and earn a decent income by providing delicious food to foodies. Even cooks below 18 years of age can participate with their guardians’ permission.

So, if you are looking for safe, fresh, healthy and tasty food, Cook Social is your ultimate destination. And also if you want to earn money and get praises from your passion of cooking, this is your destination. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get a feast for your taste buds and health.

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