I’m in Dutch – Enjoy Life More with Your Dutch Oven

If you think that you have nothing left to learn cooking in a Dutch oven, hold on for a second and think! You might be cooking a lot of stuff, including brown pheasant, lamb stew, chickens, venison stew, fish stock, beef stock and more, in this favorite cooking vessel, but do you know that it can also fry, braise, roast and even bake for you? All in all, this multipurpose pot can do anything and everything for you. Take a look at a fantastic Dutch oven Cookbook – I’m in Dutch, and you will discover the new fun in Dutch oven cooking.

Tips for Newbie and Pro

If you want to learn cooking in a Dutch oven or you are an expert at it, I’m in Dutch is extremely helpful. There are a number of tips and tricks, and many new points of view in Dutch oven cooking, in this book.

More than 120 Recipes

I’m in Dutch contains 120 yummy dishes that you can make in a Dutch oven and pleasantly surprise your family and guests at a party. You can throw a party of a special Dutch oven theme after learning these dishes. These recipes can easily be converted to your stove-top or kitchen oven.

Sauce recipe in I'm in Dutch cookbook

Tips for Selecting Oven

I’m in Dutch not only contains recipes, but also gives you tips on how to choose the best oven, how to care for it, charcoal preparation and other variances, cook time and temperatures, and also how to prepare wonderful meals. It also contains important tips for enhancing the performance of your Dutch oven.

Perfect for Home and Outdoors

The recipes are not only feasible for home kitchen, but can be made outside too. So, you can make them on a camping, fishing or any outdoor trip. They also offer a nice twist to your regular meals.

Cook with Fun

When there is a party, get-together or a camping or any outdoor trip, where you and your family and friends want to enjoy delicious meals in each other’s company, can the meals be real meals without humor and laughs? I’m in Dutch contains lots of funny poems, tall tales and select humorous texts which can help you keep mood of the party light and hilarious.

I’m in Dutch has extremely easy to understand instructions and numerous colorful images to make you eager to try the cooking tips.

What are you waiting for? Get this wonderful cookbook, make the mouthwatering dishes and enjoy life more with your family and friends, with your Dutch oven.

I'm in Dutch cookbook