6 Mouthwatering and Healthy Dishes You Must Try in Bangalore

The Indian city of Bangalore is beautiful and serene, full of greenery and has a pleasant climate year round. It’s also famous for its tasty food, which is typically South Indian.

Here we’ll take you on a food tour of Bangalore so that you can try out these dishes when you are here. While ordering foods for your celebration from catering services in Bangalore you should essentially include these dishes in your menu to enjoy the authentic Bangalore food.


1. Handi Biryani


Biryani is famous all over the world for its exquisite taste and rich aroma. The long, scented rice grains, a few of which are white and others are saffron, mixed with various vegetables or meat covered with a tasty blend of spices is extremely delicious. Bangalore Handi biryani is special in that it’s served in an earthen pot called ‘handi’ which offers the dish a characteristic flavor.


2. Masala Papad


As such papad is a very tasty snack in itself. Bangaloreans have invented masala papad to make it even tastier. Masala papad is a deep fried papad topped with various spices, including chopped tomatoes, green chilis, onion, grated coconut, paprika, turmeric and more. This is something not to be eaten when you are hungry, but as a side dish to pacify your taste buds.


3. Idli with Mangalorean Curry


Idli is a typical South Indian delicacy. It is a steamed dumpling made from rice and lentils and is so soft, white and fluffy, that it melts in your mouth quickly. In Bangalore, you must try this delicious dish with ghasi, the Mangalorean curry.


4. Gadbad


If you have a sweet tooth, you will love the Bangalore gadbad which is similar to ice cream falooda. It’s typically made with ice cream topped with several tropical fruits. It contains layers of ice cream and fruits one by one. The ice creams would be of different flavors. You will get a different style of gadbad in each restaurant.


5. Kesari Bhaat and Khara Bhaat


This is a twin dish made from same ingredients but one is sweet, while the other is savory. Both are made by boiling semolina in water. The khara (savory) bhaat would contain various spices and vegetables, while kesari bhaat would contain clarified butter, sugar, saffron and nuts.


6. Mangalore Bun


When in Bangalore, you should try Mangalore bun which is banana covered with bread from outside. It is slightly sweet and is served with spicy chutney or curry. The bun is big enough to satisfy your hunger at breakfast. Because it’s very soft and fluffy, it’s loved by children.

Don’t forget to include these dishes in your celebration to get praises from your guests.