Enjoy Cooking and Eating in a True Sense

Have you read and heard a lot about the hearty Asian cuisine and want to learn it? Or you want to learn more about the Western fare which contains awesome meat dishes and desserts? Well, it’s time to get introduced to a unique Asian video recipe website – iCook Asia! The best thing about iCook Asia is it presents written recipes as well as videos, so that you can learn any recipe you want in the best way.

iCook Asia was earlier known as TryMasak and had got great popularity in the world of those who love to make various dishes, serve them to others and also to eat them. Though the name has been changed to a more appropriate one, the website holds its same grace and charm, with innumerable dishes from professional as well as amateur chefs from across the world, in the form of thoroughly described recipes and videos. This makes all of the aspiring cooks learn various dishes easily, no matter what their cooking skill and experience level are.

Here you will get Asian, Western and fusion dishes too. The website is very easy to navigate. You will be amazed with the mere sight of the dishes the website contains, featured on its homepage. So, you can easily choose the ones you want to learn. These are the most popular recipes and you can explore the inner pages for more specialized and other types of recipes. The recipes are also classified into various categories so as to make it easy for you to find them, if you are in search of a specific type of cuisine.

You Too Can Join

Whether you are an expert cook or a beginner, you can join the iCook Asia community. This takes you beyond just searching for recipes. As a registered user, you can not only save your most desired recipes, but you can also get connected to other users and add your own recipes. Yes, you can upload the video of your recipe when you become member of the iCook Asia community.

So, to step into the wonderful world of global cuisine, join iCook Asia, learn new exciting recipes, share your own and enjoy cooking and eating in a true sense!