The Foodie Side of the Wonderful City of Dubrovnik

Perched ashore the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is a healthy and wealthy Croatian city, which is famous for its superb beaches and beach environment, medieval wall, ancient structures, fortresses, spires, fountains and towers. But the UNESCO World Heritage Site city is also famous for its coastal restaurants, some of the best in the country, which serve fresh seafood and juicy meat dishes, the enjoyment of which doubles up with the stunning ocean view. Undoubtedly, Dubrovnik cuisine is distinctly delicious and it’s interesting to know its highlights. Here are some.

Italian Touch

Croatia’s neighbor beyond the Adriatic Sea is Italy and its influence is strongly seen in the cuisine of Dubrovnik. Both the countries have come close to each other several times in history, for example, the Republic of Venice controlled Croatia’s Dalmatian region for nearly 400 years. So, in all of Dubrovnik’s restaurants, the menu cards will inevitably have Italian dishes. Don’t forget to relish Italian risotto with peg cheese and many types of mouthwatering pizzas in Dubrovnik.


Seafood is an indivisible part of Dubrovnik cuisine. Vegetarians and vegans, don’t worry! You will get lots of non-fishy food; but you should taste the fresh, succulent seafood which is found everywhere when you are in Dubrovnik; otherwise, you will surely miss a lot in life. For example, you should relish the oysters in Mali Ston, a nearby smallish town. Not only oysters, you should also enjoy shellfish and mussels.


Just as fish, meat is another passion of Dubrovnik. Veal and chicken accompanied by yummy gnocchi sauce is popular dishes. Another incredibly delicious dish called Zagorski Strukli is an authentic Croatian dish and is a must-try. It’s a thin pastry coated with local soft cheese and cooked and added with butter and cream.


If you have a sweet tooth, Dubrovnik will never disappoint you. You will get a diverse array of delicious options from a traditional cake to drunken plums with light and fresh ice cream. And the small fried dough ball, fritule, topped with an add-on of your choice is simply amazing.

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