Top 5 Sri Lankan Dishes – One of the Best Tastes in the World

While Sri Lankan food has much similarity with South Indian food, it has its own distinct individuality which makes it special. Through colonization and other countries’ influence, Sri Lanka’s cuisine has become a blend of various curries and other tasty dishes. However, you can say a few things definitely about Sri Lankan food like Lankans are in deep love with spices; they love food that bursts with flavor and deep fried, tasty snacks are very popular. And one more thing is for sure that Sri Lankan food is going to please your taste buds.

Being an island, Sri Lanka has its food rich with fish and coconut. Fish is prepared in curries and coconut is another dominant ingredient in the food in some form or the other.

Rice and curry are staples in the Sri Lankan food. However, different varieties of bread, both roti style as well as loaves of bread are also very popular.

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Here are some of the tastiest Sri Lankan dishes.

1. Mixed Rice and Fish Curry

A wholesome plate of rice and curry is common in Sri Lanka. You can usually get a plate of rice topped with some of the daily vegetable curries and also your preferred fish curry.

2. Deviled Sweet-and-sour Fish Curry

Sri Lanka is known for deviled dishes. In the sweet-and-sour fish curry, the fish is deep fried and stuffed with a sweet-and-sour sauce and is fried again lightly with banana peppers and red onions. This is awesome with fried rice and a paratha on the side.

3. Parippu (Sri Lankan Daal Curry)

Daal curry is one of the most common dishes in Sri Lanka. The daal (pulse) is often masoor daal (red lentils). It’s cooked in a mouthwatering blend of spices and added with a few spoonfuls of coconut milk to form a rich stew. Daal curry is consumed commonly with all types of rice and bread.

4. Polos (Unripe Jackfruit Curry)

Jackfruit is eaten in various stages of ripeness in Sri Lanka; but for this particular curry, polos, it should be unripe. The fruit is cut into chunks and cooked in a combination of spices. The pieces of jackfruit become tender and taste like juicy versions of potato.

5. Kottu

Kottu or kottu roti is an extremely popular Sri Lankan dish. Typically it consists of pieces of Godamba roti, somewhat like a giant-size paratha, which is stir fried with a range of spices and vegetarian ingredients. Kottu roti can be called Sri Lankan hamburger. It can also be made with eggs.

Enjoy Sri Lankan food with all your gustatory senses open and you will enjoy one of the best tastes in the world.