3 Superb Ways to Make Your Coffee-drinking Healthy

Are you confused about whether you should continue with or give up drinking coffee? You might have heard or read something negative about this delicious drink and have been saddened with a thought of leaving it. But the good news is that you need not stop drinking your favorite drink – you just have to drink it properly and it can in fact help in weight loss and provide other health benefits. Here are a few tips.

1. Go Organic

The first step towards healthy coffee drinking is to choose organic coffee beans. How is it different from regular coffee? Well, the regular coffee is hugely spread with pesticides. It may not have been harvested with humane practices. Organic coffee on the other hand is grown and harvested using organic fertilizers and in humane ways. While growing it humanely or inhumanely is nothing to do with your health, it’s a general observation that producers who are not producing the coffee with fair trade practices are also not typically following the organic methods.

2. Kick Out Sugar

Obviously, if you want to make your coffee drinking healthier, you should eliminate sugar from it. The reason for a large number of coffee drinkers getting their waistlines bulgy is that they drink the trendy coffee store versions that are heavily loaded with sugar and also extra calories in other forms. You will be shocked to know that a salted caramel mocha (served at a popular coffee chain) contains 56gm of sugar, while a chai tea latte (again occurring at a popular coffee house) has 15 more grams of sugar than that in a Snickers bar. As recommended by the World Health Organization, adults should consume 25gm (or less) sugar per day. A single unhealthy choice everyday of such a coffee can bring you 5 to 10 additional pounds within a couple of months. If at all you should use a flavor, use stevia, organic maple syrup or coconut sugar, but the key here is you should use them in a very small quantity.

3. Have it After a Meal

For most coffee-drinkers, coffee is for breakfast. And it’s certainly good to put some food in your digestive tract before pouring coffee in. Caffeine makes your body to release sugar in your blood and that makes pancreas to release insulin (so, it’s even more important to cut down sugar). So, if coffee is taken on empty stomach, a steep blood sugar drop can occur which can then cause increased craving for sugar. In addition, caffeine in coffee can suppress your hunger making you staying longer without feeling hungry. This causes further blood sugar drops and further sugar and coffee cravings. Filling your stomach with food before taking coffee will modulate the blood sugar response and save you from cravings.

Make your coffee healthy with these tips and enjoy your favorite drink with a clear mind!