A Sommelier at Your Service for 24/7 for Free

If you are a genuine foodie and want to relish a variety of foods paired up with fine wines and if I tell you that there will be a sommelier at your service 24/7, what would be your reaction? Yes, I know you may first ask the price; but what if I say that the service will be for free? I am sure you would either start jumping with joy or staring at me skeptically that I have brought another scammer scheme. Okay, let me make you believe it! Open your smartphone and open the website www.sommlyapp.com! Do you believe it now?

It’s true, foodies! With a new magical mobile app Sommly you will have a sommelier at hand whenever you want, whether you want to dine out or enjoy a yummy fare at home.


What is Sommly?

Sommly is a latest fantastic mobile app launched by Sommly, Inc. with the purpose of helping those who want to take an exclusive dining and wining experience. It will help you create perfect food and wine pairings that you can expect only from a world-class sommelier. The app is full of knowledge and tips about pairing wines with any kind of food. Thus, you can transform your typical menu in a never-before treat. Sommly has the power to uncork your life and make you savor every sip!


That’s Not All!

Sommly has still something more for you!

With Sommly you don’t have to compromise on wines you don’t like; with Sommly’s partner, Ribevi Wines International, you can order your favorite wines.

Want to enjoy gourmet food at home? No problem; Sommly will arrange chef-prepared, frozen gourmet entrees, brought to your doorsteps with their partner Cuisine Solutions! Cuisine Solutions is a global leader in high quality food and offers a diverse range of menu, of fully cooked sous-vide food items for professionals as well as home chefs, so that they can add their own imagination to create inspiring dishes, no matter whether they are novices or experts.


If you want to try a new wine which you haven’t tasted before, you can get its review on Sommly.

Sommly remembers which wines you like and which ones you don’t so as to offer you an unforgettable dining experience every time.

Collaboration with Italian Sommelier Association

The knowledge imparted by Sommly about wine pairings has a strong base of collaboration with Italian Sommelier Association VDA, an organization of experts directly from the home of the most high-class wines in the world, Italy. This is enough to assure you that the pairing suggested by Sommly will always let you have a heavenly experience of food and wine.

perfect food and wine pairing

The beautiful part about this is you can get perfect food and wine suggestions in real time. While you walk into a restaurant or look into the menu, you can get the suggestions immediately without having to wait and think.

Sommly App is currently available only in the USA on the iTunes Appstore, absolutely for free.

I am sure, while reading this you have downloaded Sommly App, and are now ordering your first pair of premium food and wine! Bon appetit!