Coffee – The Most Consumed Beverage

Coffee is a very popular brewed beverage all around the world. It has an acidic, dark flavor and its preparation is the process of turning the roasted seeds of the coffee plant (usually called coffee beens) into beverage. Coffee beens not being roasted have green color and represent agricultural commodity that is possibly one of the most traded. Coffee contains caffeine which has stimulating effects on humans and that is the key to the popularity of this perhaps most-consumed beverage.

Preparation of the coffee varies with the desired type of coffee, but usually it has basic four steps. First of all, the seeds of the coffee plant have to be roasted, after roasting they have to be ground. Ground coffee is then ready to be mixed with hot water (brewing process) and finally, as the fourth step the liquid coffee has to be separated from unwanted used grounds.

In some cultures, people commonly drink flavored coffee. The most common additives are chocolate, vanilla and hazelnut. Cinnamon, cardamom and especially Italian syrups are very popular. For example, coffees flavored with Torani syrup Canada‘s younger adults particularly consume. In fact, one-third of Canadians drinks flavored coffee as reported in the past year.¬†Turkish coffee is special type of coffee usually served in small cups, approximately the size of espesso coffee cups. The crema of Turkish coffee is considered to be of extreme importance and for that reason, the preparation of this type of coffee requires some skill. Usually, this coffee is sweet and the sugar is added while brewing. Turkish coffee is usually surved with a tall glass of water.

Commonly, coffee is consumed with breakfast and at the end of a meal, usually with a dessert. In the U.S. there is “National Coffee Day” and it is celebrated on the 29th of September.