Drinking Nitro Coffee: The Best Coffee Drinking Experience

When it comes to drinking your coffee, its taste matters. Cold brew nitro coffee has been trending for a while now. Numerous people who have already given their feedback after drinking this cold brew have reported that it is the best coffee. But why is this so? To answer this question, we need to look at the cold brew nitro coffee preparation process.

Preparing Your Cold Brew Nitro Coffee

The hot brew coffee that people have been drinking for decades utilizes heat to extract coffee bean compounds such as oils and sugars. This causes oils and acids to rise to the surface of your hot cup of coffee. This results in an unpleasant acidic taste. This taste is the major reason as to why people add milk or cream to their hot-brewed coffee.

Cold brew coffee utilizes time to extract sugars, oils, and caffeine from the coffee beans. This makes the coffee less acidic and therefore, it has a great natural taste. You don’t need to add sugar, cream, or milk. This makes Cold Brew nitro coffee favor both Vegan people who don’t take any animal products and a healthy lifestyle by minimizing the number of calories that you take.

Does the Nitro in Cold Brew Nitro Coffee Affect the Drinking Experience?

The short answer to the above question is a yes. The nitro stands for nitrogen gas. This gas is infused into the nitro coffee after the cold brew process is finished. To keep the nitrogen in the coffee, it has to be held at a pressure of about 3 bars. This is the reason as to why cold brew nitro coffee has to be stored in a keg.

Nitrogen itself is inert. It displaces both oxygen and carbon dioxide. Oxygen usually oxidizes coffee compounds and hence forming bad odors and taste. Carbon dioxide reacts with water to form carbonic acid. This causes your coffee to have a sour taste. Therefore, nitrogen makes cold brew coffee drinking experience better by ensuring that its taste stays fresh. There is no disputing that the best coffee should have a fresh taste. This is what cold brew nitro coffee offers you.

The Cold Draft Beer Drinking Experience

Nitrogen gas can only be held in the coffee by pressure. When this coffee is poured into a glass, it is released from under pressure. Tiny nitrogen bubbles will start to rise. They will carry with them the natural coffee oils and sugars. These bubbles will create a thick creamy head on top of your coffee. When you drink this coffee, it will offer you a refreshment that is similar to what a cold draft beer would offer you. Cold brew nitro coffee has one advantage. It has 0% alcohol content. Thus, it won’t give you a foggy-feeling.

More Caffeine Per Glass

For every ounce of the cold brew nitro coffee you drink, you will be getting 30% more caffeine. On top of increasing your attention and alertness, caffeine offers other benefits such as increasing your endurance and strength. Therefore, if you are looking for a beverage that will provide you with the best drinking experience and numerous health benefits, cold brew nitro coffee is the beverage to go for.