Essential Liquors for a Well-stocked Home Bar

If you are a person that loves welcoming people, a well-stocked bar is a must-have element of your home. A great drink can make a date more romantic, impress a boss and enhance intimacy with friends. But if you are feeling daunted with a thought of building such a bar, you need not. Here are some of the alcohols you should remember to keep in your stock to make it look classy.


Gin is one of the base spirits for several popular cocktails and is available in four types, viz. Old Tom, London Dry, Genever and Plymouth. Starting with London Dry gin is advisable. Later on a Plymouth gin can be added to the mix.


Vodka is a fantastic liquor for mixing in popular cocktails like Cosmopolitans or Bloody Marys. Vodka doesn’t feature a strong taste, color or aroma and so, it is a great mixing liquor. Vodka brands are differentiated from each other on the basis of what they are distilled from, e.g. sugarcane, grains or potatoes, and also their texture. E.g. some such as Stolichnaya have a medicinal, watery texture, while others like Absolut have a silky, oily finish.

Bourbon Whiskey

Bourbon whiskey is an important American whiskey for a gentleman of south. It’s great for sipping and retro cocktails like the Old Fashioned. Wild Turkey and Jim Beam are two bourbons recommendable to beginner mixologists. They taste great and are affordable.

Scotch Whiskey

A glass of scotch soothes you and helps you immerse deep in thoughts. Having a blended and single malt scotch should be there in your home bar.


The kind of tequila you should have in your stock depends on how you are going to use it. If you will be using it for mixed drinks, gold tequila is great and is typically cheaper too. If you want to take your tequila directly up, silver tequila is your best bet.


Rum is a delicious liquor from the Caribbean and is distilled from molasses. Light rums are best for mixing cocktails, while dark rums are great for punches. You can start off with a light rum and later add a dark one when you want to serve punch in a big party.


Before you throw a party, you better add some craft beer and a bottle of wine to your collection. Adding a pack of craft sodas is also a good idea.

This information will ease your job a bit of how to stock your home bar. Find all these and many more liquor types in Eagle Liquor Store. And with the appreciation you will receive for your collection of liquors, you can enjoy the company of people even more.