Organic Coffee – Enjoy Your Favorite Flavor Without Any Guilt

ateaz organic coffeeWith the word coffee you feel freshness; no wonder, coffee is one of world’s most favorite drinks. If you are also one of the innumerable coffee-fans in the world, but are scared of pesticides, now there is good news for you that plenty of organic coffee options are available out there. Organic & Fairtrade Coffee is grown in a healthy way which is advantageous to the consumer and also to our dear planet Earth.

Organic Coffee

Organic coffee is the one that is grown as per the modern organic farming parameters. To obtain organic certification, the farmer should ensure that the land where the coffee plants will be grown is free from chemical pesticides and other banned chemicals for minimum three years. This makes sure that the crop will not contain any harmful chemicals left out the earlier crops, which might have used chemicals and pesticides.

In addition, the farmers also should have a plan for crop rotation. Crop rotation prevents soil from degrading. It is also an excellent way to deal with pests without using chemical pesticides.

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Fair Trade Coffee

This is a type of coffee which is bought directly from the farmers. Fair trade certification makes sure that the farmers are protected and it offers you a way to know that you are supporting a healthy business process. Coffee that is not fair trade may have been produced in an unethical environment, but not necessarily.

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E.g. child labor might be used on some coffee plantations, or the workers might have been paid unfair wages, or human rights might not have been respected.

Coffee that is certified fair trade ensures that it has come through a positive community development and not through unhealthy practices.

Shade Grown Coffee

The practice of growing coffee in full sun causes most of the negative environmental impacts of coffee plantation. On the other hand, shade grown coffee positively influences environment. shade-grown coffee has an assortment of other trees along with the coffee plants. These trees offer a shady canopy over the plantation. This resembles a natural forest which may consist of as many as 40 species of trees. This creates a diverse ecosystem which helps in maintaining the quality of soil and reduces pest problems. It also offers home for native species, particularly birds. It increases oxygen level in the surrounding air and uptake of carbon dioxide.

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Differentiating between Coffee Beans

Over last many decades, unhealthy farming practices have caused disastrous effects to environment as well as consumers. Fortunately, there are ways to differentiate between products that are grown in unhealthy and healthy ways.ateaz organic coffee


Shade grown, organic and fair trade coffees will cost a little more, but by buying them you can make a big difference to yourself and the environment, as well as to the society.

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