Vodka Brasil – A Premium Drink to Enjoy With Your Loved Ones

Man has been a great fan of foods and drinks since ancient times. This is obvious from the countless methods of cooking and making foods and drinks. Man has been continuously improving on these methods and bringing premium flavors to the limelight so that others too can enjoy them. Today we are going to tell you a story of the development of a premium drink which is the proof of man’s experimentation power and willingness to share the joy with the world!

This is the story of Vodka Brasil which is the result of mixing of two topnotch drinks – one from a civilized society and the other from a jungle tribe.

The founder of the company destilHERO, the manufacturer of Vodka Brasil, Ely who is originally a Brazilian went to Poland to spend time with the love of his life and made many Polish friends in the meantime.

Later, on the occasion of his wedding, he planned a trip to the Amazon forest with the Polish friends. The party set off for the trip and Ely carried a bottle of liquor which was made in his homeland. It was home-distilled vodka.

The party reached deep in the Amazon forest and there a very hospitable jungle tribe welcomed them. Ely and his friends spent a wonderful night with them and they were introduced to the tribe’s spiritual leader, Shaman. Ely offered the bottle of the home-distilled vodka to the spiritual guru and the Shaman offered them a special drink made of special roots and fruits from the Amazon jungle.

This drink, as per the Shaman, is an ancient drink that connects them with the “spirits of the forest”, and thus brings them happiness, wisdom and harmony.

Ely suggested mixing the two drinks and Shaman agreed to it. When the two drinks were mixed, it was found that the mixture has a fantastic flavor and this was the moment of the establishment of destilHERO.

Vodka Brasil

After this, Ely conducted many trials and experimentation and gave rise to a perfect combination of these two drinks which he named Vodka Brasil. This Vodka-based premium drink contains cupuaçu fruits of Brazil, his homeland, and the amazing fruits and roots of the tropics, and has a flavor that Europeans might never have tasted.

Vodka Brasil is thus a great drink to enjoy with your loved ones and create good memories with it and hence is a must-try. So, have you started planning throwing a Vodka Brasil party?