Learn To Create Amazing Cakes with Beautiful Decorations

Who doesn’t get excited after looking at a wonderful cake? One of the best joys in the culinary arts is to see a cake that is decorated beautifully. Every time you walk inside a bakery it can be difficult not to be attracted by the view of some wonderful designs of cake. Many people don’t realize that cake design and cake decoration can be a wonderful hobby and is one of the highly edible arts.

Are you interested in creating the perfect cake with perfect decorations? Well, before starting the decorating procedure, you should have the knowledge of baking first. Here are some of the guidelines for perfect cake decorating experience:

1. If you are new to baking, use cake mixes

Trying to come up with a good foundation to work with is one of the best and easiest things that you can do for yourself. You should pull out a perfectly baked, golden brown cake from the oven that you can actually work with. Ideally, your cake should be level on both bottom and top so that you don’t have any difficulty in applying decorative flourishes and icing. Some crumbs in your cake foundation can also help in getting better results.

You should start with a cake mix and follow the directions mentioned on the box, if you are baking for the first time. Cake mixes are normally easy to work as the cakes comes out perfect and solid, you can decorate these cakes easily.

2. Rushing is not good in the process of cake decorating

Never rush the process of decorating a cake, this is the most important tip to consider. Most of the problems or cake decorating mistakes are always caused by the decorator while rushing through the process. You should try to decorate your cake immediately after taking it out from the oven. Icing will run off from the base as the cake is not cool enough.

Some people freeze their cakes before they start the process of decoration and icing. Make sure the cake is cool, let it cool for at least an hour. It is best if you let it sit for overnight.

3. Keep your Cake in Level

Working with a cake is not easy for beginners, so you should make sure that you have a cake that is easy to work with. One of the best ways to do this is trim and level your cake. Before you start working on leveling the cake make sure the cake is completely cool. When the cake is cool enough to work with, trim off the crust and dry edges with the help of serrated knife.