Unique Wedding Cake Ideas

unique wedding cake ideasAmongst all the decoration of wedding, a uniquely decorated wedding cake is the center of attraction for all the guests. A wedding cake designed to match just the theme of the wedding or having a never-before design can make everyone remember your wedding for years to come and so, a wedding cake should be carefully chosen. Have a look at the uniquely designed delicious cakes of Bliss Bespoke – a home-based bakery for wedding cakes in London and you can get some innovative ideas. And here are some more ideas.

If you think that purple is not a color for a wedding cake, just look at this one and then decide. If the wedding cake is given such a unique shape and shades of purple, with ruffles imitating fine fabric and pearls that give a glow to the cake, denoting the glow of the occasion. Do you think now that any of your guests won’t be willing to feast on those thin yummy-looking ruffles, shiny pearls, golden flowers and soft, creamy, mouthwatering tiers?

purple cake

Hooh! That is really unique! Fight before union? Many of you may say it’s creepy! But if you want something unusual that your guests should remember, you can adopt this idea. And you can also think the other way around – that cake will be fast finished and that denotes the end of fight! You can appreciate the unmatched craftsmanship of the creator, by the way.

fighting couple

Do you love beaches? If yes, you must have planned a beach-themed wedding and in that case this sand-castle cake is an appropriate choice for your wedding cake. It’s beautifully structured, neat and concise with just perfect amount of embellishments of conches, shells and other marine things. But the highlight is the topper of a starfish couple!

Sandcastle wedding Cake

And this is an Alaska cake! Colorful, dreamy, icy, with the air of seclusion apt for honeymoon for the kissing couple on the top.

alaska cake

And this one, you’ll surely love! A feast of four wedding cakes, placed on different platforms and linked with superbly decorated bridges. The top cake holds a dreamy castle and a carriage to take you to the castle. The cake is sprinkled with flowers all over! Rather than the regular tiers, won’t you like this idea of connecting tiers with these beautiful bridges?

4 cakes linked by bridges

And you can get more awesome ideas once your creativity is triggered. But make sure to do something different for your wedding cake and enjoy the appreciation of your guests on your big day.