Wedding Cakes Through Time

"wedding cake through time"In this modern day and age there are so many options available to brides when it comes to choosing a wedding cake.  You really can create something that bespoke to your taste and your wedding theme. Whether you want the dizzy heights of a 10 tiered cake or the multiple bites of a cupcake tower, there is something out there for you! Wedding cakes have changed a lot since they were first used in Roman times. Back then they were more like bread than cake which is lucky considering it was customary to crumble parts of it over the brides head to bring her much success in childbearing.

During the middle ages pastries were stacked on a table over which the bride and groom were to kiss. If they could reach over the top and make the kiss then they were said to have much happiness throughout their life. It was this pastry stacking that inspired the first tiered cake system by a French chef. However it was the wedding of Queen Victoria that introduced us to the stacked and white iced cake that we still know and love today! For more check out our infographic!

Sophie works alonsgide Fiona Cairns Wedding Cakes. She loves to keep up with modern wedding trends, especially in the cake world!