3 Prominent Benefits of a Wood-Fired Pizza

Whether it’s a small get-together of close friends or a high-end cooperate event, pizza is an essential inclusion of almost every menu. Reason? It’s the favorite of almost everyone and hardly goes wrong with even the fussiest foodies.

However, instead of tearing open a packages of frozen pizzas, isn’t it more fun if you can enjoy a hot, crusty wood-fired pizza?

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Here are a few top benefits of having wood-fired pizzas.

1. Quick

As mentioned earlier, pizza is a food that’s favorite of all and it’s a convenience food that suits busy families as well as individuals. Several people prefer to stop on their way to work or during the lunch hour by a pizza shop to please their taste buds and also to fill their tummy with this Italian food rich with nutrients and flavors at an affordable price because they get it quickly. While a home oven can achieve a temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit maximum and so, take at least 20-30 minutes to preheat the oven and then 8-15 minutes to bake the pizza, a wood-fired pizza oven can attain around 500-700 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature thereby cutting the cooking time to just 2-5 minutes which is very suitable to a busy life.

2. Retaining Flavors

If you’ve tasted a wood-fired pizzas and pizzas cooked in other types of ovens, you might have noticed a significant difference in the taste. It’s because the wood-fired oven distributes heat evenly across the entire pizza. Plus, it offers the pizza a distinct smoky flavor which is impossible to achieve for any other oven. All in all, a wood-fired pizza tastes the best.

3. Retaining Nutrients

If you are health conscious, there’s good news for you that a wood-fired pizza retains all the nutrients of the healthy toppings you’ve added to it, such as fruits and vegetables. This is because a wood-fired oven doesn’t take much time in cooking and so, nutrients are not evaporated.

All in all, if you want a tasty as well as healthy treat and a true satisfaction of a full meal, start eating a wood-fired pizza and make a happy start of your day!