5 Awesome Ways to Make Children Learn Cooking

cooking games for childrenAs cooking involves dangerous elements like heat and electricity, we generally don’t like the idea of making children cook, or even enter the kitchen. However, this thought has been proven to be extremely baseless and useless. Children if taught cooking, they become more efficient, brainy and active in the future. And it is not necessary that you should only involve your young daughter in cooking; you should involve your son too and it will benefit him. Cooking games for kids is a fantastic way to involve children in the cooking process.

1. Trust Your Children

If you are scared that children will cause a fiasco to a dish, leave the fear. Here you should be more interested in your children than in the cooking or the dish. If the dish is wasted, let it be. But what is important is children should learn. And never express your disappointment to children, otherwise they will feel guilty and won’t take further interest in any task. Encourage them for whatever you like or even you don’t like. If you don’t want anything, don’t tell it directly – tell it in a way that they won’t be hurt. Here trust is important and your children should feel that you trust them.

2. Handle Them Tasks that They will Love

Topping a cake or pizza, cracking and beating eggs, filling in sandwiches and such tasks can interest children. If the child is very young, don’t take the risk of handling tasks like cutting veggies with sharp knives; but if s/he is a bit older, s/he can do that, because that way they will learn to handle potentially dangerous tools.

cooking games for children

3. Don’t Make them Bored or Tired

If children are bored or tired, let them leave and you do the rest. Allow them to do only that much which they wish to do. Don’t make them do anything forcibly. If you do that, they will feel that you are making them work, and they won’t be interested in doing that.

4. Let Them Choose the Dishes

Ask them what they would like to make (or rather eat) and do that. Make them feel that there is much fun in creating that dish and there is nothing to be worried of. You might not have scared them about cooking or kitchen, but they might have indirectly heard or read somewhere else that cooking is not a task of children. Give them confidence and make them understand things with love. If they choose their favorite dishes, they might be less fearful of the process.

5. Encourage them to Help You

Children always need not make an entire dish with your help. They also can be acquainted with kitchen and cooking by helping you. There are many tasks they can do for you. If there is seemingly not any hazard involved in such tasks, let the children do them. Stirring a soup, mixing sugar or salt in a liquid or solid food, mixing veggies in salads, and such tasks may make children acquainted and interested in cooking.

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cooking games for children