5 Useful Tips to Sell Your Catering Equipment to Gain Maximum Profit

If you are planning to close your restaurant or replace your old equipment with upgraded versions, you need to sell your old catering equipment. At this point, you definitely want a good price for it, especially if it is a topnotch brand and in an excellent working condition. A good point to begin is startup restaurants. However there are many other methods to sell your catering equipment. Here are a few.

1. Clean Your Equipment

Your equipment will get the best price only when it will appeal your potential buyers. If it is coated with food residue and grime, anyone would hardly be interested in buying such a range. Wash and clean your equipment to make it sparkle like new.

2. Keep Manuals and Warranties Ready

Selling your catering equipment with everything that came with it originally will only enhance its value. Make your equipment as close to its original condition as possible. Remember that you may be able to transfer some warranties to the new owner.

3. Find the Fair Market Value of Your Catering Equipment

Take the age and wear of your catering equipment into consideration. Liquidated merchandise is usually priced at 20% of the retail price. Take advice of an equipment appraiser for proposed pricing before you think on any offers. Also keep in mind that some catering equipment may lose value if shifted to another location; therefore keep your equipment on the site as far as possible.

4. Find Websites Specializing in Selling Catering Equipment

On websites like BestPriceCateringEquipment.com, you can sell catering equipment and get the best price. Through such websites you can reach your target audience more quickly. And your task becomes much easier. They sell your equipment at their auction because of which you can get the maximum price for your stuff.

5. Advertise on Amazon, eBay or Craigslist

You can reach your potential customers through sites like Amazon, eBay and Craigslist. You can also post ads in magazines and other publications dedicated to catering industry. Also you can approach your local restaurant associations and equipment supply associations and let their members know that you want to sell your catering equipment. There are high chances that you can get potential buyers in these associations.

Follow these tips and you can sell your catering equipment at the best price to gain maximum profit.