Dessert Table Styling Basics

If you’re planning a small or medium-sized party and you want everything to be perfect, you simply have to style your dessert table, too. We’ve asked some of the most popular experts in dessert table Singapore can offer to give us some tips on arranging sweets in a best possible way!

Plan ahead. If you like using Pinterest for inspiration, it’s nice, but try not to overdo it, because you’ll end up with too many ideas and so little time to actually arrange your dessert table. You should make a decision on the number of sweet treats you’ll be serving and try to stick to it. Make a to-do list and include every little task on it, in order to make sure you won’t end up panicking a few hours before the event.

Pick the centerpiece. It doesn’t have to be very expensive and extravagant, but it needs to look amazing. A nice vase with lovely flowers can look breathtaking, too. In fact, anything that would catch the eye (in a good way) and draw your friends in is a good choice. Of course, it should match your party theme!

Create symmetry. Symmetry isn’t a must, but it’s the simplest and the easiest way to create an amazingly looking dessert table. For example, you can use cake pops and macaroons on each side of the centerpiece to balance everything out. Creating symmetry, however, doesn’t mean the both sides of the display have to be completely the same, but balanced. If you don’t do this, your dessert table won’t look styled, but simply set-up.

White is Your Friend. When it comes to serving stands and plates, it’s highly recommended to invest in simple, high-quality white pieces so that you can use them over and over again.

Don’t forget the backdrop. To add interest and height, when you tie your dessert table together, opt for a creative backdrop. Most experts agree that adding a hanging element is always a good idea. Paper lanterns, garlands, poms or medallions, as well as fabric bunting will dress up the backdrop of the table.