Enjoy Your Adventure to the Fullest with the Right Outdoor Cooking Supplies and Methods

Any camper will agree that food prepared outdoors has a taste that the food prepared inside the kitchen cannot replace. However, outdoor cooking needs a lot of patience and time, and poses even a few challenges. Here are some tips that will make your outdoor cooking less intimidating and more fun!

Don’t Forget these Cooking Supplies

Though you decide to do a very basic outdoor cooking on your camping trip, some food preparation staples are very essential for you and you can’t afford to forget them. The most important thing to carry is a gross/grosses of matchboxes. Mostly camping food preparation is done over an open campfire; hence, if you don’t have matchboxes to light the fire, you will face a major problem. As of the pots, pans and tools, carry some lightweight pots or even a pot, a pan and a portable grate that you can place over a fire pit. You should also remember to take ladles and stirrers, as well as tongs to take food down from fire. The best thing would be to visit Barbeqa.com where you would get thorough information on what essentials you can carry on your camping trip and you can buy them then and there itself.

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Which Cooking Methods You Should Use?

There are a number of ways with which you can cook outdoors over a campfire. Their level of difficulty is quite varying. You can use the simplest of them and make your job easy.

Cooking over a direct heat is the most basic type of campfire cooking. You can accomplish this in two ways. Firstly you can wrap the food items individually in aluminum foils and place them over hot coals. However, you will have to check frequently. Foods that require high heat are best cooked with this method. In the second method, you just have to place a grate over an open fire and grill the food. In this method, the heat is applied less directly to the food, thus taking a little longer to cook.

You can even make pastas, soups and stews on your camping trip, provided you place pots and pans containing these items over hot coals. The amount of coals and concentration is the key to cooking nice soups, pastas and stews, as heat may become unpredictable quite quickly. However, once you get the knack, outdoor cooking is just as easy as kitchen cooking!

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Tips for Saving Time and Efforts

  • It’s a good idea to pack each ingredient of each recipe separately in ziplock bags, put them together in another bigger bag and label all the bags. There might be 2-3 or 4-5 such bags – not a very cumbersome job! But it will save you a lot of time and efforts and give you more time to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Carry heavy duty aluminum foil; it will be of a lot of help to you on your outdoor adventure.
  • Don’t forget to cover pots while cooking outdoors; this will take less time to cook and save fuel too. It will also prevent entry of dirt and insects in the food.
  • Hang all the food well above the ground to save it from animals.
  • Consider a crockpot with which you can start preparing your dinner in the morning before heading on towards your ventures. When you will get back, the dinner will be ready for you!

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