Extreme Importance of Food Hygiene Training

Feeding people is a great joy but it also brings a great responsibility. Studies conducted by the UK Food Standards Agency showed that more than 500,000 cases of food poisoning every year are caused by either food spoilt with bacteria or badly cooked food. Food poisoning is horrible even in the most favorable circumstances, but spoilt food can have some very, very serious outcomes. If you take trouble to invest in food hygiene training, your organisation can ensure that your team will make everything possible to make your kitchen a safe place to cook.

Why Food Hygiene Training is so Important

Any business that supplies food, including restaurants as well as other hospitality businesses, should ensure that their staff has taken industry-recognised food hygiene courses online. If they don’t, they are drastically increasing the risk of food becoming undercooked, contaminated or posing an array of potentially risky features that can damage your reputation and more importantly, your customers’ health.

Laying the Foundation for Powerful Hygiene

Safe handling of food is easy. But getting it correct is important so as to avoid any food poisoning or microbial issues with your food.

First off, you should develop the habit of washing your hands. It has been found that hands should be soaked in soapy water for around 20 seconds so as to clean them properly. When you make sure that your implements (your hands and all your appliances) are clean, you create a powerful hygiene foundation for yourself. If such a strong foundation doesn’t exist, it’s very difficult to successfully execute the right health and safety standards.

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Stopping Bad Microorganisms

Bacteria are the most prominent microorganisms that contaminate food. They live in soil, air and water, on various surfaces and even on the human body. Harmful bacteria, like E. coli, create negative reactions in us, including food poisoning. Stopping the dispersal of harmful bacteria in your kitchen is important in forming a hygienic and safe environment.

Food hygiene training offers your employees the abilities they need to ensure that the harmful bacteria are limited to an absolute minimum.

Preventing Cross Contamination

Cross contamination and spillages are one of the major ways of spread of bad bacteria in kitchens. Spillages are inevitable when you are working under stress and there are several people in the kitchen. Being capable of responding quickly and effectively to these circumstances can limit not only accidents in the kitchen to a minimum but even preventing cross contamination. The food hygiene training course includes the importance of preparing food that is protected from cross contamination, and also how to form an environment that can help prevent it.

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Food Hygiene Training Courses by Eversley Training

Eversley Training offers food hygiene courses online that are designed to meet legal requirements of the food industry. Kevin James M.R.S.P.H. who runs Eversley Training is a member of the Royal Society of Public Health and was earlier a member of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health for more than thirty years.

There are two types of food hygiene courses and one food allergy course offered by Eversley Training with no time limit, though each of them takes around one and a half hours to complete.

Your employees will get a food hygiene certificate at the end of the course that is a useful record to produce before food safety execution agencies.

Importance of Food Hygiene Certificate

No excuse exists for preparing or handling food in an unsafe way and there is absolutely no excuse to serve such food to customers. Though often poor training and time are put forth as reasons for poor service, it cannot be continued in any culinary or hospitality organisation.

Your staff should fully understand why food safety is important and the only way for that is effective food safety training. It’s not enough that you learn about food safety and share the knowledge with your employees. They should hold food hygiene certificates so as to guarantee their knowledge and prove that they know the importance of food safety standards.

If you haven’t yet got your employees enrolled for food hygiene training, do it immediately so as to run and enjoy your business of feeding people without any problem.