Magic Tips on Developing a Popular Food Blog

You like to cook, you enjoy experimenting with recipes and you’re incredible at it. With all social media networking sites and the possibility to be online everywhere you go, sharing your own recipes is nowadays easier than ever. Nevertheless, becoming a successful food blogger is hard work. I’ve talked to the creators of The Chief Recipes and they were happy to give us some magic tips and tricks on developing a nice and popular food blog.

Be authentic & original. Don’t try to be trendy when it comes to the recipes you share. It’s crucial to post about what you really love, because that’s the only way to keep visitors coming back for more. Be enthusiastic about certain foods, spices and dishes; it’s important to connect with people who feel the same about, for instance, the combination of dark chocolate and chili pepper. If you try to please everyone, your food blog will become dull and unattractive.

Use networking. Connecting with people who like your recipes is important, but you should also make friends with other bloggers who share your points of view and interests. Promote their content, leave thoughtful and honest (yet nice) comments on their blogs and join discussions on social media. Being present and responsive on social media is very important today.

Easier to navigate, easier to love. Cluttering detracts from your content and keeping your blog design clean is highly recommended. Nobody likes sites that are difficult to navigate. Make sure it’s easy for visitors to follow your food blog by placing links to email subscription/RSS/social media on every page. Also, provide sharing buttons at the end (or the beginning) of each blog posts and make sure you say thanks anytime people promote your content.

Recipe submission sites (such as http://www.chief-recipes.com/) are a great way to get new visitors to your food related blog. In case your photo is rejected the first time you try to submit it, edit it or pick another one and submit again.

Finally, try not to give up. Food blogging growth is slow at the beginning, but it will gain its momentum as time goes on. You need to stick with it, try to do your best and post content on a regular basis.