The Most Classic American Sandwiches

Think back to the meals that exemplified your childhood.

Most likely, there was some kind of sandwich involved. That’s because American culture is so endlessly fascinated with putting things between two slices of bread.

Over the years, this obsession has yielded some of the weirdest and most delectable recipes on Earth. Few, of course, compare to the classics.

Be it on-the-go, at a picnic, or a simple afternoon snack – these sandwiches will always have a home with the American family.

Here’s a list of the American classics that we will never get tired of:

1. Peanut Butter and Jelly

An American classic, nothing thrusts you back into your childhood days of school lunches quite like the peanut butter and jelly.

It’s one of those combinations that, for some reason, always work. The rich, creamy and salty peanut butter perfectly complements refreshing and sweet jellies.

Of course, there’s always some debate over what kind of jelly fits best with this staple, but most everyone can agree – the PP&J is not going away any time soon.

2. Ham and Cheese

As simple as it is, the American ham and cheese sandwich has had some wild variations throughout the years.

From different kinds of cheeses to crazier types of bread (even chocolate bread!) this basic formula of cold-cut pork with fresh dairy has its roots in every American childhood as the one thing on every menu you know you’ll always like.

Have you ever had a bad ham and cheese? Our guess is probably not.

3. The American Cheeseburger

Burgers are some of America’s most diverse sandwiches.

The classic recipe, frilled American beef with melty American cheese, still sings the national anthem along with us at every 4th of July celebration and every football game.

Whether you add in extras like tomatoes and lettuce or onions and pickles, the American cheeseburgers continues to exemplify the heart of American culture that’s unlike any other nation in the world.

Of all foods, the American cheeseburger is one that is completely unique to the United States and recognized throughout the world as such.

4. Philly Cheesesteak

Birthed in the bustling metropolis of Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvania, the so-called Philly Cheesesteak is unmatched in its level of comfort.

The warm, thin slices of tender beef is ensconced in melty cheese on toasted buttery sub rolls that make you want to devour the entire thing in a single bite.

The sandwich is replicated throughout the country and other parts of the world, often including other ingredients like onions and peppers, but nowhere can it be done better than its namesake, the City of Brotherly Love.

5. Grilled Cheese

It doesn’t get more simple (or perfect) than this.

A childhood treat, the grilled cheese sandwich is one that you’ll enjoy well into your seventies. That’s because, aside from the classic American cheese version, there’s thousands of variations which have been crafted over the years.

Regardless of how you make it, what cheese(s) you use, or what kind of bread you utilize – the grilled cheese will always be an American classic best enjoyed with a side of steamy tomato soup.

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