Top 3 Benefits of Buying Local Fresh Farm-produced Food

By now, you must have learned about and understood the health benefits of eating fresh farm produce. Fresh vegetables, fruits and meat have been proven to be important constituents of a healthy diet. When these foods come to you in a short time after they are picked up from or raised on a local farm, all their nutrients and lusciousness are within them and not lost to the environment and so, your body can make the most of them and you feel actually satisfied. Here are reasons for you to buy fresh farm produce rather than foods from supermarkets.

1. Nutrients and Taste at their Best

When the produce from the farms in your area is sold locally, farmers pick them when they are totally ripe and at their best in terms of nutrients and taste. As they need not be transported in vehicles from the farm towards the marketplace, there is no chance of damage or loss of taste or nutrients.

2. No Artificial Methods

Foods you can see in supermarkets or even at grocery stores are mostly treated with antibiotics, hormones or pesticides, and are sometimes even genetically modified to make them looking fresh and attractive. But in the process most of their nutrients are lost. On the other hand, farm-produced fresh, local food looks genuinely fresh and need not be applied these artificial methods. They are grown with organic fertilizers.

3. Naturally Fed Animals

Meat and other animal produce from the local organic farms are anytime better than that you get in supermarkets because they are fed on natural foods and are treated humanely. Eggs, cheese and meat are obtained from animals that are not fed on a hybrid diet that contains hormones and antibiotics. The cows and chickens are allowed to graze on organic grass and other organic foods respectively and allowed to move around freely and so, their products are much healthier and tastier than that of unnaturally raised animals.

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