Top 8 Tips to Design Attractive and Productive Bakery Business Cards

Like any business, your bakery business too needs promotion and the first and foremost promotional tool you should use is a business card. Business cards, being small-sized and light, can be carried anywhere, handed out to friends and family, left in local shops, pinned on notice boards or can even be attached to your cake and cookie boxes.

Thanks to websites like BasicInvite.com, so many beautiful templates for your business cards are available or you can design your own business card. Here are some ideas you may find useful while choosing or designing your card.

1. Give all the Details

Receiving your business card, people should be aware of your business name, your business location, contact details like telephone number and website and email id, and most importantly what you sell. This will make people know that whenever they need baked goodies, you are there to provide them.

2. Add a Photo

A great way to make people aware of your business is to add your own photo on the card. Remember that although it’s unusual to add your photo to the card, people typically like to see a person’s photo on any literature they receive about a business. When they don’t find a photo of the founder of the business, they may remain in doubt. A photo builds the reliability of the business.

Add a Photo

5. Follow the Restrictions if Any

Whichever website you’re using to design your bakery business cards, make sure you follow their design guides. You may find downloadable templates there for Illustrator, Photoshop etc. that are fixed to the appropriate color profile, print area, sizes and bleed area, to ensure your card will look exactly as you want it when it’s printed. Make sure you follow these rules if there are any.

3. Mention that You are an Organic Bakery

Another great way to build reliability is to mention that you are an organic bakery (if you’re really that). Today everyone has become health conscious and ‘organic’ is today’s health mantra. It also creates a country-like feeling and can evoke nostalgia in your potential buyers’ mind to which they may get attracted.

Mention that You are an Organic Bakery

7. Importance of Color

Gone are the days when business cards used to be white with details written on it in black. Today’s cards are made more attractive with colors. And when you are in a baking business, there is a lot of scope for beautiful and colorful business cards. But that doesn’t mean that you should add all the colors to your card. You should make clever use of colors. This means that you should choose a color scheme which your potential clients will associate to you.

4. Cute Bakery Pictures on a Simple Background

Choose a simple, clean background with a pleasant color and add illustrations of bakery- or cooking-related symbols. This may also create a homely feeling and nostalgia, which may attract people towards your bakery.

Cute Bakery Pictures on a Simple Background

6. Add Greetings

Adding greetings to your business cards is also a unique idea because normally no one does it. So if you add words like “Hello” or “Hi” to your cards, along with other details and graphics, it will make your card stand out. And when your card is outstanding, people are bound to remember you.

8. Choose a Unique Material

Normally business cards are made with thick and hard paper materials. But you can even choose clear plastic material for your card to make it look outstanding. Clear cards are also highly appealing and attractive to look at. More importantly, most people love to collect unique and beautiful cards. That way, there are high chances that your potential clients will save your cards rather than throwing them in trash.

Choose a Unique Material

Using these tips will help you design attractive and productive business cards for your bakery business. All the best!