CHOCOLATE CHIP ZUCCHINI WAFFLES with Charles Shaughnessy and Chef Penny!

Penny Davidi has now become famous for her Middle Eastern recipes on popular foodies TV shows such as Food Network Star and Chopped All Stars. She won over her three fellow contestants and landed to grab a regular appearance in many other Food Network shows.

In this video, she is showing the recipe of the delicious CHOCOLATE CHIP ZUCCHINI WAFFLES. Throughout the recipe, she’ll be accompanied by Charles Shaughnessy, the talented British heartthrob, famous for his roles on the American television in the soap opera, Days of Our Lives, sitcom, The Nanny, and more. So, the delicious culinary performance has certainly become interesting.

Chocolate Chip Zucchini Waffles


  • Waffle mix
  • ½ cup chocolate chips
  • Maple syrup
  • Shredded zucchini

You’ll also need:

  • Waffle maker
  • Mixing bowls
  • Silicone spatulas
  • Gravy warmer

Chef Penny has used all these by Ovente including the Ovente Multi-Use Waffle Maker.


This recipe is super-easy. First you have to add chocolate chips to the waffle mix and mix well. Then you have to add the shredded zucchini and again mix well.

Now place this mixture on the waffle maker’s plate in two parts. Close the lid and let it cook for a few minutes.

Take waffles in a plate and pour generous amounts of maple syrup over it. Decorate with pistachios, banana slices and other fruit slices. Now enjoy!

More about Penny Davidi

Penny Davidi also regularly attends the shows like Vanderpump Rules and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, displaying her culinary skills and also as a Tars and Nutrition Consultant. This role later brought Chef Penny the role of the Executive Chef and Menu Curator for Lisa Vanderpump at her new venue Pump Lounge started on May 2014 in West Hollywood.

Apart from all her television and venue honors, Chef Penny also works as a Culinary Specialist and New Business Manager for Sysco Foods where she represents the company as one of the most top names in her field.

More about Charles Shaughnessy

Charles Shaughnessy is the son of Alfred Shaughnessy, a television writer and script writer, and the actress Jean Lodge. His brother is also an actor and television producer and director. Charles is a great foodie and has participated in many cooking videos with eminent chefs.

So, try the quick and easy Chocolate Chip Zucchini Waffles recipe the two celebs have shown, and enjoy it with your family!