Healthy St. Patrick’s Day – Make Your St. Patrick’s Day Great with Super-easy Recipes

St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner and we are all hoping to enjoy it. If you need some great recipes to try that day, review what Nashua Nutrition got for you. Read on to discover a few green recipes we have prepared for you. Even if you are on a diet, these recipes are still great and healthy. Here they are.1 Green pancakes for breakfast

These festive pancakes will provide B-complex vitamins, folate, and protein. You will just add spinach, green yogurt, and maple syrup or honey to sweeten.

2 Fried eggs with Shamrock’s semblance

Here you will just fry some eggs and garnish with some sliced green peppers.  The challenge will be picking bulgy peppers with clear sections.

3 Make the best Shamrock shake

During St. Patrick’s Day, you should avoid the McDonald’s Shamrock and make your own. The former is up to 660 calories and the quantity of sugar in them is the same as that found in four cupcakes. Instead of this, make a healthier version at home with up to twenty grams of whole proteins. The Nashua Nutrition site offers more tips on this.

4 Eggs and ham recipe with greens

This recipe consists of eggs, ham, and spinach. All these will give you thirty-eight grams of whole protein every morning.

5 Green soup with lettuce

If you don’t have lettuce, you can instead use iceberg, rocket, watercress or spinach. Make a strong, delicious soup with just fifty calories per serving. It will be an ideal starter for lunch or dinner.

6 A green appetizer

You just need avocados and Greek yogurt to whip it up. These are good substitutes for sour cream and mayo that offer unhealthy fat. Eat with some yummy raw vegetables.

7 Yummy chips

With just a clover cookie cutter, you could make some delicious chips in just seven to ten minutes. Then you will make some Shamrock chips right in your kitchen.

8 Zucchini noodles in place of normal pasta

Peel the green summer squash into thin strips. Then, mix it with cherry tomatoes and basil-based pasta. Eat your healthier zucchini noodles relaxingly.

9 Spinach muffins with maple syrup

In this recipe, you will use a full bag of spinach to make your muffins. Add some two bananas and some maple syrup to dilute the bitter taste of vegetables.

10 A festive smoothie with three greens

This is actually a protein shake with natural protein powder, almond milk, lemon, cucumber, kale, and apple. It provides up to 290 calories and twenty-eight grams of protein. It’s perfect for lunch or breakfast.

11 An Icy cream recipe

To make this icy cream use two frozen bananas to achieve the taste of dairy creamy texture and some spinach. No one will know you have added spinach. For extra details on what you can cook during St. Patrick’s Day, check Nashua Nutrition website today.