Top 10 Cooking Apps

how to cook with cooking appsWith the introduction of internet, our lives have changed to become seemingly incredible! Who would have thought that the technology would one day intrude our kitchen? But today there are so many digital tools to help us in cooking, though which not only women, but also men and even kids can cook. And cooking apps is one of them. Here we will see some of the most wonderful cooking apps which will be helpful to you to prepare unforgettably delicious meals.

1. Slow Cooker Recipes App

This is a very easy-to-use app offering you more than 500 slow cooker recipes. The recipes are easily searchable by name and ingredients allowing you to decide the menu quickly as per the ingredients you have at hand.

The app also features a notepad which lets you create a shopping list and also store your own recipes.

slow cooker recipes

2. iFood.tv

iFood.tv is an app which includes videos of 40,000 tested recipes, so that you can improve your cooking skills and get more culinary knowledge. This app is more useful to you if you can watch video and work in the kitchen at the same time following its instructions. They have more than 500 channels customized to suit your liking.

cooking app - iFoodtv

3. Perfect Produce

Perfect Produce is a useful app for letting you know how to buy, store and even use (along with recipes) all types of produce you find at a store. It has a fruits and vegetables glossary. It is fun to know about various produce and start cooking a healthy and tasty meal.

Perfect Produce

4. SweetNSpicy

SweetNSpicy is a wonderful app through which you can find recipes for people of different food preferences, like vegetarian, non-vegetarian, vegan, low-fat, and so on. It even has an Indian calorie counter to boot to keep you away from packing on extra pounds.

cooking app - Sweetnspicy

5. Whole Foods Market Recipes

This is a free app and is wonderful with its sleek easy-to-navigate interface. It offers hundreds of recipes illustrated with attractive images. Each recipe features icons which tell you whether it is vegetarian, gluten-free, low-sodium, etc. Nutritional values are also included. The app features an “On Hand” tab through which you can get recipes as per the ingredients you have at hand. The shopping list is quite robust and can be emailed; but it doesn’t combine the items, so some items show up twice.

whole foods market recipes

6. How to Cook Everything

This app may seem pricey at first. However, if seen more keenly you will realize that it contains all the 2,000 recipes from Mark Bittman’s recipe book of the same name which costs $20. Interface of the app is quite sleek, but there are no images of the recipes. However the app includes an integrated timer and shopping list. It also has more cooking instructions than any other app, with videos on everything right from how to sharpen table knives to how to roast chicken.

how to cook everything

7. Allthecooks

Allthecooks app helps you share recipes with friends and neighbors and get theirs, and has a vibrant cooks’ community. Whenever you find something interesting you can submit it to the app. And similarly you can find many interesting things shared by others. Follow and receive followings from people from across the world. You can also easily scan and find recipes for ingredients you have at hand. You can also ask questions and get replies within minutes. A real-time chatting platform is also available with this app.


8. Zest Recipe Manager

Zest Recipe Manager not only provides you suggestions about food and recipes, but also stores your favorite recipes from anywhere on the internet. No need to copy URLs as Zest has an in built browser. By default some favorite recipes of Zest are added, but you can remove them if you don’t want them. This app is helpful to store any recipe on the web with just a few taps.

zest recipe manager

9. Quick and Easy Juicing

Juices are best to remain healthy by detoxification. The Quick and Easy Juicing Recipes app teaches you to make juices from more than 60 fruits, vegetables and berries. The recipes are given in form of easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and many high-resolution photos.

quick and easy juicing

10. Dessert Recipes

And if you or anyone in your family has a sweet tooth, you can use this wonderful app to make desserts. It brings you recipes of 60 of the world’s best desserts, which include the most popular desserts of choice for festivals, birthdays and anniversaries.

cooking app - Dessert recipes