Unique Recipes that will Show Your Creativity in the Kitchen

If you find it boring to cook the regular meals every day, the best solution to your boredom is to try something new. Recently I came across the blog of Elle Smith and I was amazed by her creativity. I am totally convinced with what she says that we all have some or the other sort of creativity in us – it may be a little or a lot, but we have it. So, why not use it in cooking?

Inspired by Elle artist, Elle Smith shows that creativity in the kitchen brings food alive with a stunning collection of unique recipes. Ms. Elle is a London-based contemporary artist having exceptional diversity of thoughts and ideas, immensely innovative brain and intense intellectual strength. No wonder, she looks at cooking as an art and aims at making new dishes that will delight the taste buds, using all her qualities. Go through her collection of superb recipes and try them to get praises. Here is a brief introduction to some of her best recipes that will ignite a passion in you to use your innate creativity.


Grilled Goat’s Cheese with Salad of Avocado, Figs and Rocket


This is a starter which you can make for any dinner party and will show your guests your amazing creativity in the kitchen. If you or any of your guests are not very fond of goat’s cheese, it will become your weak point after tasting this dish because of the addition of the exquisite ingredients. It’s quite easy to make too. Here you have to use the goat’s cheese in deep slices with an outer rind and chill it in the fridge placing on a slice of bread, while you prepare the mix of other ingredients like rocket, avocado slices, lemon juice, olive oil, caster sugar, mustard, honey and vinegar. You can imagine how all these ingredients will add a great sweet-and-sour touch to the dish. When you are ready with them, you have to take the goat’s cheese with bread out of fridge and grill it and place on the salad.


Roast Beef with Ginger Marinade


This is one of the unique dishes by Elle Smith that will please yours and your guests’ taste buds. It is to be prepared with beef with a unique sweet taste that will truly charm you. You have to coat the beef joint (should be tied to retain its shape while roasting) with herbs. Then coat a part of it with mustard and then with herbs. Repeat for the entire joint till it is rolled in mustard and herbs. Then you have to chill it in the fridge for half an hour. Next, roast it in a pan while making the ginger marinade in another saucepan. Then take the roasted beef joint in a casserole and add the ginger marinade to it.

I am sure, you will be truly delighted with these and all other dishes by Elle and your boredom while cooking will be eliminated forever.