5 Foods for a Happy New Year 2014

new year's lucky foodWhere there’s life, there’s hope! And on every 1st January we hope for a happy new year. Can food be related to this hope? Of course, yes. There are certain foods that are associated with luck for a forthcoming prosperous new year. Superstition apart, is there any harm in enjoying foods? And believe me, these foods are tasty. So, if your granny is forcing you to eat them, there is no reason to run away. And the stories behind them are interesting too.

1. Whole Fish

Wow, it’s mouthwatering! But interestingly a whole fish is considered a sign of prosperity too. So, go for an angling expedition on the occasion of New Year and catch a good whole fish, like a trout or a carp, roast it in the wild, ashore the lake or river, or bring it home, and treat yourself! Have you celebrated New Year this way ever? If not, this is the time. Enjoy with friends and all near and dear ones. And if you aspire for the usual drink-and-dance New Year party in a discotheque, seek a disco which will serve you a whole fish.

whole fish

2. Pomegranate

Who won’t be happy to see the sparkling, ruby-red, juicy granules of a pomegranate? But do you know that those seeds are considered to be signs of fertility and thereby abundance? Quite logical, isn’t it? It may be or may not… but I am interested to relish those succulent red pellets for a New Year feast. And you should too, I am sure.

new year pomegranate

3. Round with Hole (Circular)

Round foods with a hole in the middle or circular foods too are considered lucky for starting the New Year, because they are symbols of continuity, unity and endlessness. So enjoy doughnuts, holed breads and cakes, oranges, bagels and so on.

round food-cake

4. Green

You might squeeze your nose hearing that you will have to eat greens on New Year. But remember they are the healthiest, besides the fact that they are considered lucky when eaten on the New Year day. Greens that are green and flat like currency notes are eaten for this purpose, like cabbage, turnip greens, collards, mustard greens, etc. And don’t worry; you can relish ham and bacon with it. Try this combination and you’ll realize that the meat was never so tasty.  Greens always add flavor to meat.

greens and ham

5. Legumes

The resemblance of another food to currency makes it lucky for the New Year and it is legumes. Legumes resemble coins and so, denote wealth. Especially black-eyed peas are relished a lot on New Year. Italians welcome New Year with lentils and sausages. Sausages too, when cross-sliced, resemble coins, while another significance of them is pork, being of a fat pig, denotes abundance.


So, include these dishes in your New Year’s feast. You may laugh away the tale of luck, but can certainly treat your taste buds.