6 Extremely Delicious Desserts You Should Have for Your Baby Shower Dessert Table

A sweet occasion like a baby shower should essentially have a dessert table on the menu. If you are daunted and wondering what you should include in your dessert table, here are a few ideas that will inspire you.

1. Whole Cake

pastryden classic rainbowA whole cake is an essential component of your baby shower dessert table. You can have a single central one or can have multiple cakes for various choices of your guests. Chocolate is an all-time favorite and so, you can choose a chocolate cake, while for an antioxidant-full package, you can choose a matcha cake. Plus there are lemon cake, chocolate truffle, classic rainbow cake, cheese cake and so many more.


2. Cake Cubes


pastryden lychee roseSome of your guests will love getting their cuts from a whole cake but some others may like individual pieces and will love if you present cake cubes. Here too you can pick the antioxidant-packed carrot-walnut combination or pistachio combined with chocolate, the mouthwatering fudge and cheese cake cubes, or the tangy orange cake cubes.


3. Tartlets


pastryden lemon curdHave some lovely tartlets with the flavorful mint chocolate, lemon curd, cocoa hazelnut or strawberry. They will make a tasty addition to your collection of desserts and make your dessert table look fabulous.

4. Puffs

pastryden latte macchiato puffsThere would be hardly anyone who doesn’t like the soft texture of puffs covered with a sweet coating of chocolate or white or colored icing, and stuffed with a delicious filling. These goodies melt slowly in mouth making you experience a heaven of taste. Let your guests enjoy these globules of goodness.


5. Gourmet Cakes


pastryden choco sphere gourmet cakeYou can have them in so many flavors, shapes and designs, and all of them are so delicious! Gourmet cakes are specially designed to give a heavenly feeling to the person who eats them; plus, they are decorated in a great way so as to give the plate a rich look. You can pair them up with fruits like strawberries, raspberries or black currants, and make them healthier and tastier.


6. Gourmet Desserts


pastryden mini cupcakes gourmet dessertsYou can add a variety of colorful gourmet desserts like cupcakes, tartes, macarons and dessert pots. The colorful goodies look fabulous and taste fantastic. They will delight your guests merely by their sight, and still more by their scrumptiousness. You can present gourmet desserts as individual pieces or as a whole piece.

Decorate your baby shower dessert table with these extremely delicious desserts that will offer a tasty charisma to your event.