Excellent Ideas to Involve Rose Buds in Cooking

Did you know that one of the most beautiful flower – rose – can be eaten? Yes, it’s not only delicious but good for health too. Rose is being used for its medicinal qualities since ancient times in Ayurveda by preserving rose petals in honey to make ‘Gulkand’ and making sorbet from rose petals. Rose petals are known to reduce excessive heat in the body, reduce eye inflammation and redness, treating acidity, strengthening gums and teeth, and as a tonic.

Since rose buds have a sweet and soft scent, they add a distinct flavor to any dish whether it’s sweet or savory. You can make a healthy addition of rose buds to your daily meals and enjoy the flavor and coolness.

Which Rose Buds to Choose?

As such, all varieties of roses are edible. But some varieties are especially delicious. As a rule, the more fragrant a rose is, the more flavorful it will be. Use rose buds marked as pesticide-free. Pink Persian rose buds are particularly flavorful and healthful. You can even use rose dust.

rose dust

How to Use Rose Buds in Cooking?

In the Western countries, people don’t commonly use rose petals in cooking. However, they are pretty commonly used in the Middle Eastern, Indian and Turkish cuisines. Rose dust is even mixed with spices like cumin, clove, cinnamon, pepper, turmeric and coriander, and is used as a dry rub for lamb, poultry and other meats, to offer the meat an excellent flavor. Roses also pair well with saffron, dried apricots, honey, and fruits like raspberries and strawberries.

Roses pair well with saffron

Here are ways to involve rose buds in your cooking.

Rose Tea

Steep dried rose petals or rose hips in hot water and make soft, scented rose tea.

Rose Syrup

Mix sugar and water in equal amounts in a saucepan and cook to a boil while stirring continuously till sugar is totally dissolved. Reduce the flame and add fresh or dried rose petals. Remove from flame and let it settle for around 10 minutes. Strain out the rose petals and let the syrup cool. Use this syrup in tea, lemonade and cocktails.

rose petals

Salad with Roses

Fresh rose petals can be added to mixed green salads or fruit salads. You can even make a salad of other flowers and herbs from your yard and enjoy a refreshing snack.

Rose Butter

Add chopped fragrant rose buds to softened butter and chill. Add finely powdered sugar or almond extract as per taste. This delicate butter is an ideal topping for fruity muffins, crackers and biscuits.

So, are you ready to go on a shopping spree of rose buds?