Survival Food – Storage

Once upon the time, it seemed almost silly and certainly outdated to practice survival food storage. Nowadays, it has been increasingly popular and regular thing, due to the global tensions and problems all around the world. It does not mean that you are a pessimist if you want to have a survival food. What if a hurricane hits your neighborhood or even the state? Yes, we can miss many things, but what is the first we should think about? Vital things, those necessary things to keep us alive: water and food. We will share some survival food storage tips that could help you in your wish to be keep your family and yourself safe and sound.

First of all, always choose the latest expiration date. Whenever you buy fruits and vegetables, as well as other perishable foods, try to find the ones with the latest expiration date. Even though if the difference is in one or two days. Yes, a few days might save you from starvation in case of emergency. The truth is, the most storable foods are not really the most delicious foods. However, in emergency cases, it is more important to have essential nutrients. So, buy those foods from wholesale stores and this way you can also save some money. Large amounts of these foods can be stored for long periods of time: cabbage, potatoes, rice, survival seeds, powdered milk etc. Storing your food in durable containers is a must if you want to protect it from insects, microbes etc. Airtight containers are available on market and you should choose those that will fit your own needs.

It is important to store enough food, but it is also important to learn the right way to prepare those survival food items. Think about the fact that in case of emergency you will not be able to prepare those foods with convenience of power supply or a modern technology.