Top 4 Things to Keep Handy for a Healthy Cooking

With various types of food available to the consumers, healthy cooking seems impossible sometimes. But, healthy cooking begins by having the proper ingredients handy in your kitchen. In order to make sure that you can cook a good and healthy meal, you should have a regular supply of olive oil, basil, spinach and applesauce handy always and you are all set to go.

1. Olive Oil: One of the recommended all round ingredients is Olive oil, you should always keep it in your kitchen in order to accomplish healthy cooking at a short notice. Olive oil is contains unsaturated fat which most of the fat sources, such as vegetable oil and butter doesn’t have. Unsaturated fat is very important for good health. You can use olive oil for frying foods and there are many other ways in which you can make use of olive oil, such as mix with herbs and spices, use it in sauce for pasta, dip for bread, or mix with balsamic vinaigrette and put it over a salad. Make sure to test it with various types of foods to know what is good for you.

2. Applesauce: Applesauce is another good that can be included as a stable in your kitchen if you want to achieve healthy cooking. It can be used as a replacement to fats, particularly in baked goods like cookies, bars and cakes. Sometimes it can be used as an alternative for refined sugar, because of its natural sweetness. While opting a healthy applesauce, you should check for a type that doesn’t have any sugar or little sugar, or you can consider making it on your own. You will have a delicious treat and it is nutritious as well.

3. Basil: You can use basil as an alternative for sodium to achieve healthy cooking. Salt or sodium is often used to season various types of meats, sauces and other recipes. But, while the addition of salt in your meal doesn’t significantly increase the content of calorie, it can harm your cardiovascular system, and can result in weight gain and water retention. Rather than running to get a salt shaker to season your food, you can consider sprinkling some basil or any other type of spice or herb on top of your food. You will be amazed with the flavor that it gets.

4. Spinach: While searching for a healthy vegetable for your cooking, you can think about adding spinach. Spinach is rich in minerals and vitamins, apart from that it also contain fiber which is very important for a good health. You can use spinach salads with stuffed meats or pasta.