Top 4 Tips to Choose a Perfect Caterer for a Work Location

When you are in charge of providing food to yours or your organization’s employees, it’s a big responsibility to choose just the right caterer. Food is the fuel and only with good and sufficient amount of food, people can give their best on work. You also have to be careful about wastage of food; so, you can’t order even excessive amount of food. Therefore, the best solution is to appoint a caterer that will take care of good food and in the right amount. Here are some tips to find such a caterer.

1. Cater the Needs of Various People

A work location, e.g. a film shooting location, may consist of hundreds of people and knowing the tastes of all of them is just impossible. In such a condition, you need a caterer who can provide foods of a variety of types, including vegan, wheat- and gluten-free, macrobiotic and so on. We know a caterer named Abadia, who are one the best film caterers London, who cater a variety of food choices. While going through the website or brochures of the caterer, take a look at what level of variety they can provide.

2. Interest in Your Needs and Responsiveness

In connection with the above point, the caterer may claim to provide the best tasting food with the freshest of ingredients; but it’s also important that they should be responsive to your calls and/or emails, and also open to appraisal and new ideas. While this may seem not that important, as is quality, taste and price of food, it actually means that the caterer is indeed concerned about fulfilling customers’ requirements and ensuring that they are happy with the service.

3. Flexibility about Menu

Typically every caterer does have a standard menu/s from which you can choose and most provide flexibility to some extent to mould the menus according to your particular needs by replacing some items and/or customizing others. On the other hand, an outstanding caterer will go the extra mile and be willing to provide a superb fare that will match even more specific dietary needs. Ideally, a caterer should be willing (or at least consider) to fulfill individual requests; and if they are not, it’s a red flag.

4. Experience

Food is a risky affair when it comes to multiple consumers. Handling food for multiple people needs a lot of experience and so, while choosing a caterer, experience is an important factor to consider. An experienced caterer firstly has a correct estimate of the quantity of food your crew members will need, secondly they know what care of hygiene and safety to take and most importantly they know how to handle emergency situations. A catering business may be new, but the owner and workers should have a sizable amount of work experience.

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