Top Tips for Eating Out

There is something special in eating out! The lovely atmosphere in the restaurant, aromas of foods, polite waitresses and waiters, company of our friends or family, laughing and chatting, and not to mention, no stress of preparing the meal and washing dishes! However, you should be also careful about not wasting money or consuming extra calories while eating the extra tasty dishes in restaurants. Here are some tips.


Don’t worry, you don’t have to prepare the food! To prepare means doing some other preparations, before you leave your house for eating out, like:

  • Check the website of the restaurant and find menu options.
  • Plan beforehand what you will eat. Do you want to eat fish or a vegetable dish? Be prepared with a menu in your mind so that you won’t be tempted to try out whatever that comes before you.
  • Reserve in advance. This saves waiting time as well as the number of drinks taken while waiting. This also eliminates the risk of searching for another restaurant where you may have to face what you want to avoid, i.e. fatty food.
  • Before leaving the house, have a small snack like a small salad or fruit so that you won’t feel like having pre-meal munching.

Choose a Correct Restaurant

Being careful starts with choosing a perfect restaurant. If you step into a restaurant without thinking of your health, you are more likely to encounter with creamy and fatty food. Consider these points:

  • Never choose “all-you-can-eat” restaurants as you are tempted to eat more here.
  • Don’t plan spontaneously to eat out as far as possible. Decide much beforehand and give time to thinking about menu.
  • Choose a restaurant with fish menu and extensive salad bars because they generally present healthier options.
  • Avoid restaurants with entertainment! Here food is one of the many attractions and is usually fatty and fried, and you are likely to eat more.

When You Sit in the Restaurant

Here you will have to be careful again at some points, like:

  • Politely send the free munchies back. Tortilla chips, bread baskets, rolls or Chinese noodles are high in calories; plus, they are accompanied by butter!
  • If at all you feel like munching, ask if they have healthy options like whole wheat bread, crackers or rolls, or Melba toast, etc.
  • Prefer a low-fat spread instead of butter. If they don’t have one, even plain rolls are not bad to taste.

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